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footpath through a open woodland (image: Mable Amber / pixabay)

Whilst CJS doesn’t want to turn away any genuine potential countryside workers we do want people to know it's not all sunshine and roses and in so doing perhaps help organisations from receiving speculative enquiries and make sure the recruiter's task is made easier by ensuring they receive only relevant applications from suitable candidates who have done their homework and know exactly what it is they're looking at and applying for.


Here are some profiles of the many varied job roles you might find across the sector. Written by people actually working in the field explaining exactly what the job entails, the qualifications and skills they need and offering a little advice to people looking at a similar career.


If you would like to submit a profile of your job role there are more details here.

Agriculture & farming


Community Engagement

Countryside Management

Ecology and Biodiversity

Environmental Education, interpretation and volunteers




Rights of Way

Rural Advice

Support and admin services, including promotion and membership


      Volunteer Management 


      Youth work


      A Focus on Nature has created a Careers Advice section where you will find interviews with people in the sector. Find out more here


      These sites also have a good range of job profiles 

      The Green Careers Hub

      Green Jobs for Nature 

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