Job Profile: Project Officer

Employer: North Wales Wildlife Trust

Location: Anglesey

Job Responsibilities:

Engaging young people with nature conservation through varied exciting activities including practical conservation, outdoor activities, surveys, guided walks, wildlife experiences and educational talks. We work with groups of young people from various settings for up to a year at a time, enabling us to provide a substantial experience for the young people involved. We also run county specific youth forums to provide a voice for young people to engage communities with nature activities and influence local policy where possible.

Majority of time is spent doing:

  • Taking groups of young people outdoors
  • Ensuring safe working practices through risk assessment processes, session planning, and collecting personal information in line with GDPR
  • Running regular meetings with the environmental youth forums
  • Updating social media to engage the wider public with project activity
  • Designing group days out to be engaging, varied and interesting
  • Taking charge of evaluating your group sessions and young peoples experience

Time is split 50/50 between indoors / outdoors

Seasonal variation: 
Many of the youth groups come from local authority and school groups so the project tends to run alongside the academic year, with Winter being the busiest period. 

Qualifications needed: 

Degree or substantial experience in a relevant field (i.e. degree in marine biology/conservation/zoology etc. OR substantial experience in youth work or engaging young people in the outdoors)
Additional training: DBS required, first aid, and other relevant training can be useful

Skills needed: Organised, communication, youth work, engaging people, personable, digital capabilities. Many other skills are very useful in a role such as this due to the varied day-to-day nature of the job. 

Advice to anyone looking at similar roles:

The youth work aspect to this role is just as important as the nature based aspects, so ensure that you undertake as much volunteering as you can with youth specific organisations, and see if you can get some part time work as a youth worker in a local authority youth club. These positions are usually just for a couple of hours a week, but provide invaluable experience in working with young people.

If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the job holder please contact CJS by email.