image of Lara holding a large professional camera in front of a lake and hills
(Lara Jackson)

Job Profile: Conservation Biologist & Wildlife Photographer

Name: Lara Jackson

Location: Everywhere

Employer: Freelance


Lara talking to camera in front of giraffes in an enclosure
Lara reports the benefits that zoological establishments can bring to conservation in front of their resident giraffes (Lara Jackson)

Job Responsibilities

Combining my love for photography and storytelling with my scientific background, I'm passionate about raising awareness for important conservation issues and sharing the tales of those working tirelessly to protect some of the most endangered species on the planet. I work with not-for-profits, brands, conservation organisations and broadcasting houses to share meaningful and impactful stories, through photography & storytelling, presenting, public speaking and writing.

The majority of time is spent replying to emails, pitching ideas to brands/organisations, & charities, and travelling to document conservation projects / take photos of wildlife and those who work to protect wildlife. Editing photos and videos, creating social content.

3 lion cubs on a rock
Lara photographed these lion cubs on an iconic granite kopje in the eastern Serengeti whilst on an assignment In Tanzania. She was there in the midst of the covid pandemic to document Africa's wildlife in the absence of tourists. (Lara Jackson)

Work is mainly indoors, but the outdoors time always makes it worthwhile! There is no seasonal variation, I am as busy as I make myself.


Qualifications needed

I have an MRes in Wildlife Conservation and a BSc in Zoology. Plus, more than two years of working experience in the field in a research capacity.

Additional training: These are not essential, but I have a Drone Qualification & Rescue Diver Qualification

Skills needed: Above all - determination, passion, flexibility. It’s a very competitive industry – you need to expect to receive a lot of no’s before you receive a yes.

Advice to anyone looking at similar roles

Be determined and never let the no’s get you down. Use it as a motivation to get yourself more work experience, to better your CV, to set yourself apart from people applying for the same role as you by writing blogs/making videos/sharing photos on social media. Also, you need to be able to cope in harsh environments that are very different from the luxuries you get at home. For example, you may have no wifi or phone reception for weeks, you may be in environments of extreme heat/cold, you may be showering using a bucket of cold water and a cup. Being resilient and able to cope in those challenging scenarios is key.


If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the job holder please contact Lara on

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