Job Title: Ecologist

Employer: Sedgemoor District Council

Job Responsibilities:

1. To provide specialist ecological advice to the Council in relation to development and management of the Council’s own land such as key parks to include when required appraisal and interpretation of consultants’ reports and information from Somerset Environmental Records Centre, assessment of ecological impact of land-use change, and advice on appropriate mitigation, compensation and enhancement measures.

2. Where required, to negotiate directly with the public, landowners and developers regarding protected species, Biodiversity Action Planning, and habitat conservation and enhancement measures.

3. To assist Council services with meeting the requirements of the Natural Environment and Countryside Act (NERC) and other Biodiversity legislation, including providing advice, guidance and management plans for the Council’s own land and property holdings.

4. To contribute to the achievement of the Council’s and the Community Development and Wellbeing Service’s key priorities and targets including development and implementation of the Climate Change Strategy and Parks Management Plans.

5. To assist with the collection of relevant performance indicators and statistics.

6. To attend such council meetings, committees and other meetings, as are required for the performance of the above duties. This may include meetings and activities held out of normal working hours.

7. To deal with enquiries from the public and the media regarding nature conservation and climate change issues in consultation with the Council’s Press Officer.

8. Any other reasonable duties of a similar nature requested by Management.

Majority of time is spent doing: Paperwork, emails and meeting, both on-site and office-based

Time is split 70/30 between indoors / outdoors

There is some seasonal variation: I tend to get out more in the summer, doing guided walks and surveys, otherwise it’s not too different from month to month.


Qualifications needed:

Degree and relevant experience

Skills needed:

Good people skills, a broad knowledge of British wildlife, good office and computer skills.


Advice to anyone looking at similar roles:

Prepare to be flexible to fit the needs of the organisation

If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the poster please contact CJS by email.