Job Profile: Marine Policy Officer (Scotland)

Ally birdwatching (Ally Lemon)
Ally birdwatching (Ally Lemon)

Name: Ally Lemon

Employer: Wildlife Charity

Location: Scotland


Job Responsibilities

Influence the future of marine nature conservation and restoration in Scotland, with a key focus on seabirds.

Help secure gains for nature by helping develop, advocate and secure the legal and policy frameworks needed to drive nature's recovery in Scotland and beyond. I have a particular focus on the fisheries and the creation and management of Marine Protected Areas.

The majority of time is spent indoors working with colleagues on consultations relating to the marine environment and working with partners to secure positive gains for Scotland Seas through campaigns.

Noss, Shetland (Ally Lemon)
Noss, Shetland (Ally Lemon)

There is no seasonal variation in the job.


Qualifications needed: Degree, experience in policy and in the marine environment.

Skills needed

  • Able to analyse complex issues in a fast paced environment.
  • Able to negotiate with and influence others.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills e.g. professional, persuasive, engaging.
  • Strong time management and organisational skills.
  • Able to prioritise effectively.
  • Able to manage projects effectively.


Advice to anyone looking at similar roles

Keep up to date with the policy area you are interested in, and the latest announcements and work the government is undertaking.

If possible try and get some experience with an organisation that works on influencing policy whether through work experience or volunteering as it will help you focus the area you want to work on.

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