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Job Profile: Agricultural Consultant

Name: Jack Munro

a smiling Jack standing on a lawn in dark green shirt and gilet
(Craig Stephen)

Location: Working in one of the 25 local offices across Scotland and northern England. WFH and hybrid working options also available.

Employer: SAC Consulting (part of SRUC)


a person walking across rough grassland operating a drone that can be seen in the air. A car with open boot and drivers side is behind the person and hills are in the distance
Environmental mapping exercise using drone technology (SAC Consulting)

Job Responsibilities:

In this role you will provide technical and financial consultancy services to farmers and managers to other local rural business and assist in the delivery of Government contracts and grant applications where appropriate. Transferring knowledge from SRUC’s research teams out to the wider audience including the farming community and related corporate clients.

You should possess a Degree/HND in Agriculture (or equivalent) combined with practical agricultural experience of Scottish agriculture – including: agricultural production systems, livestock farming systems, arable farming and farm business management.

Majority of time is spent on one to one consultancy with industry stakeholders but also one to many consultancy projects such as large farm meetings and specialised farm groups.

a person standing in a field of red clover inspecting one plant that has been pulled up
SAC consultant inspecting red clover (SAC Consulting)

A generalist consultant would probably spend 80 % of their time indoors and 20% of time would be out in the field. However, this varies between consultants in different areas as some spend up to four days out of a five-day working week outside. Much more time is spent in the field in certain seasons but also depends on the consultants’ interests and specialisms. For example many consultants who have a financial focus would be more desk based whereas more environmental or agronomy focused consultants would be outdoor more often.

Seasonal variation: The busy periods in this career will normally be where there is a deadline for grant applications such as the single application window and the agri environmental scheme deadlines, these schemes normally fall in the spring season. There is a steady workload throughout the rest of the year it’s just a bit busier in the spring months but continued personal development is actively encouraged throughout the rest of the year and whilst there is the staple diet of technical work you are actively required to seek out projects which you are passionate about and can make a difference in.

a field full of long grass surrounded by a fence with moorland in the background
Integrated farming: Grass crop with multipurpose land uses in background (SAC Consulting)

Qualifications needed:

HND/Degree are the normal entry requirements but experience also taken into consideration.

Additional training: SRUC/SAC is a big investor in staff development so any course or training that will appropriately help fulfil your role or ambitions will be funded and supported.

Skills needed: Interpersonal skills, analytical skills, problem solving, empathy, teamwork, attention to detail and sound financial, numerical and literacy skills. Some experience and knowledge of business management, natural environment, habitats, carbon and farming practices will be to your advantage.


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If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the job holder please contact CJS by email.

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