Job Profile: Wildlife Adviser, SW England and Consultancy Manager for Conservation for National Trust

Location: South West England, based in Wiltshire


Job Responsibilities

Providing wildlife advice to NT Properties and Regional and National Staff. Manage a large team of staff in wildlife, farming, buildings, Land Use Planning, Forestry, GIS, Environmental Practices and Marine Conservation.

There is no seasonal variation, the majority of time (60%) is spent indoors. Time is split equally between management and advice elements


Qualifications needed:

Degree or post graduate degree

Additional training: Lots of experience in different fields and places


Skills needed:

Land management advice and staff management


Advice to anyone looking at similar roles.

You will need to have worked in conservation with a lot of experience in different areas of habitat management, ID and managing staff.

If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the job holder please contact CJS by email.