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Animal care

Working with and for animals in domestic or captive settings such as wildlife hospital workers. also animal handling e.g. zoos and aviculture.


Working with and for trees, woodland and in forestry, includes tree nursery.


Biodiversity work can cover research, project work focusing on one ecosystem or species and practical management such as habitat restoration.

Community involvement

Community Involvement is an important aspect of countryside management particularly when it comes to getting under represented sectors of the community into the countryside or involved in local, often urban, greenspace.


Conservation is a broad all encompassing term, however countryside and nature both sit well with conservation and conservation is often an integral part of many jobs within the countryside sector.

Countryside management (rangers)

Countryside management covers all land management including urban parks and greenspace as well as rural estate workers, but is usually thought of as rangering.


The ecology sector includes biodiversity, mitigation and consultancy roles.

Environmental Education

Environmental Education is a significant part of the sector and encompasses everything from pre-school tots groups to running training courses for higher education and adults.

Estate management

Estate management is as the name suggests all about managing, usually, one estate.  The tasks required will depend on what type of estate it is.


Greenspace is specifically urban parks and the green areas within built up areas. 


Jobs in horticulture and gardening but not green keeping.

Landscape management

Working in Landscape Management; this is similar to countryside management but is focusing specifically on  the whole landscape and ecosystems rather than a solitary site.

Marine and coastal

Working on the coast, off shore, at sea or with marine plants and animals.

This is more an area of specialisation than a discrete area of the profession.


Working with nature.  'Nature' is an incredibly broad term encompassing countryside, landscape, wildlife and animals.

Rights of Way

access and all public rights of way related work.

Support services

There are a lot roles allied to the countryside and wildlife sectors which do not involve working directly with either, all the administrative tasks, these support services are all vital to keep organisations running smoothly .

Visitor management

visitor services and management including event management.

Wildlife work

Working with wildlife i.e. animals in the natural environment not in domestic or captive settings. 

Or something else 

Not everything falls neatly into separate categories: find out about some of the more unusual roles within the countryside, conservation, wildlife and ecology sectors.

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