Advertising jobs with Countryside Jobs Service

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Why you should advertise with a countryside jobs site.

Quite simply because adverts with CJS produce the best candidates.

CJS is rightfully known for recruiting for countryside posts but with over 25 years experience we know that the countryside is a big place and it requires much more than practical countryside staff to keep everything running. Therefore, CJS has always advertised ancillary jobs and roles linked to nature, wildlife and conservation.


Quality over Quantity

CJS has never focused on providing large numbers of applications instead we've always offered highly targeted advertising. Our readers know that we only accept adverts relevant for our sector and will refuse to accept general, non-sector specific adverts and so CJS has become the trusted countryside specialist. For advertisers we promise high quality, knowledgeable, enthusiastic candidates with a great love for the British countryside and natural world. I'm sure you'd rather be struggling to choose between 10 amazing candidates than wading through 100 average applications.

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Regardless of what sort of role you're seeking to fill you can be sure that if an applicant has seen your vacancy in CJS they will bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to your organisation.

For over 25 years we've published newsletters, not just job information but news and features as well, we're trusted across the sector by the people on the ground and the organisations they work for. Our publications are read by professionals from across the spectrum of countryside, ecology, wildlife and environment conservation and as a result your advert may catch the eye of someone in the sector who's not actively looking but reading CJS to keep up to date with the industry news.

CJS is the best place to advertise jobs because it is the publication for environmental job seekers, Peter Gilbert, Scottish Wildlife Trust


CJS provides a fast, friendly, personal service to readers and advertisers alike:

"It is reassuring to know we can rely on the Countryside Jobs Service Team for a high standard and targeted quality of service with our recruitment needs. Compared to other recruitment sites they are excellent value for money. The team are always a pleasure to deal with and as a small and ethical business they will always be our first choice when seeking high quality personnel."


CJS is an ethical business working in harmony with environmental professionals to conserve the British countryside and natural world. Motivated by conservation success not profits.

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