Animal Care

sleeping puppy cradled in arms (image: Lydia torrey on Unsplash)

Animal Care: Jobs working with and for animals in domestic or captive settings such as wildlife hospital workers, also animal handling e.g. zoos and aviculture.

If you're looking for Wildlife Work (i.e. non-domesticated animals) click here.

Jobs and employment

Typical jobs include Animal Care Worker, Zookeeper, RSPCA Officer, the National Careers Service has role profiles of all of these and many more (click the links)

Farm work often includes working in close contact with animals, in the countryside sector this could include Conservation Grazing projects. The National Careers Service profiles a Farm Worker.

This sector could include vets and veterinary nursing however this is already comprehensively covered by The Veterinary Record and Vet Times.

See current vacancies advertised with CJS here.

To gain the experience required volunteering is frequently a good start.

See current wildlife conservation volunteering opportunities advertised with CJS here.

Skills, training and CPD.

There are many different skills and qualifications required to work with animals

If you're thinking of a career working with animals there are details of longer courses, such as agriculture, veterinary nursing and veterinary science, on the Training Directory here.

There is a range of Distance Learning courses in a range of subjects from Animal care to primate conservation, see these here.

Information and in depth articles

Careers in wildlife rehabilitation, where to start and what to expect, Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Waddling Wildlife Conservation, RZSS

Only Slight Regrets, Amy Worley, CJS

Vet careers: David Couper, West Hatch, RSPCA

The changing habitats of hedgehogs, Hedgehog Street

Useful organisations

BIAZA: British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Rare Breeds Survival Trust



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