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Working with and for trees, woodland and in forestry, includes tree nurseries.

Trees are a vital part of the British countryside and provide an important amenity value in urban settings as well. Managing trees in all their settings for commercial, recreational or amenity value is a rapidly expanding area of the countryside sector with increasing awareness of the importance of caring for our tree stock and some of the threats its facing from novel diseases and alien invasive species and pests.

Jobs and employment

Typical jobs include Arboricultural Officer, Forestry Officer, Forest Worker and Tree Surgeon, the National Careers Service has role profiles of all of these and many more (click the links)

See current vacancies advertised with CJS here.

To gain the experience required volunteering is frequently a good start.

See current arboriculture volunteering opportunities advertised with CJS here.

See current countryside conservation volunteering opportunities advertised with CJS here.

Skills, training and CPD.

There are many different skills and qualifications required to work with trees,

If you're thinking of a career working with trees there are details of longer courses, diplomas to MSc, on the Training Directory here.

Information and in depth articles

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Useful organisations

Arboricultural Association

Royal Forestry Society

Woodland Trust

Forestry Commission

Tree Council