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CJS began as a specialist newsletter listing jobs for countryside rangers.  Since that first edition in July 1994 the sector has changed and so has CJS.  In our newsletters you'll find job adverts (of course), details of volunteer placements, training provision and courses and details of recent news and events happening across the countryside industry.

We have three newsletters for readers.

Daily Email

Daily email with basic details of adverts posted online that day plus the headlines for the news we've highlighted during the day.  Sent every weekday evening.  Sign up here.


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CJS Weekly

CJS Weekly direct to your inbox on Friday or doormat on Monday.  CJS Weekly is the original CJS newsletter and is the biggest with all the job adverts, those online, some sent for inclusion in the weekly only. It includes all the adverts for the voluntary posts before they appear online. You also see the news from the past that week in more detail than in the daily email.  There is a full calendar of training courses happening two months hence. CJS Focus in full, weekly articles on a wide range of subjects including those from our Featured Charity plus other items of interest.  However, this is the only one of the three that is not free. 

CJS Professional

CJS Professional, is a monthly publication sent free of charge to countryside offices across the country.  It has some job adverts, industry news from the past month, including details of new campaigns, publication and results from the latest research. Features from across the sector including updates from our Featured Charity, news and offers from CJS. There are also details of upcoming professional events as well as a complete calendar of short training courses and details of the latest additions to the Training and Classified Directory. 


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Established in 1994 as a jobs bulletin list Countryside Jobs Service or CJS is the oldest such service and now covers much more than jobs but is still completely countryside focused. 

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