bumblebee on scabious (image: Sandy Millar on Unsplash)

A career in biodiversity. There is some duplication between Ecology and Biodiversity and these two areas are often put together, however in simple terms biodiversity is the variety of plants &/or animals in a particular habitat and usually a greater diversity is preferable. Biodiversity work can cover research, project work focusing on one ecosystem or species and practical management such as habitat restoration.

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Jobs and employment

Typical jobs include Ecologist and Botanist the National Careers Service has role profiles of these and many more. You'll also see jobs such as Biodiversity and Conservation Officer, Field Worker, Environmental Specialist and highly specialised roles such as Marine Project Manager advertised with CJS.

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Practical management roles such as River Restoration, including biodiversity can be seen here.

To gain the experience required volunteering is frequently a good start.

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Skills, training and CPD.

There are many different skills and qualifications required to work in the biodiversity field

For practical work skills such as

If you're thinking of a career in the biodiversity field there are details of longer courses, from foundation certifications to more specialised Masters Degrees on the Training Directory here.

There is a range of Distance Learning courses in a range of subjects such as statistics for ecologists, field techniques for surveying and habitat restoration see these here.

Information and in depth articles

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Useful organisations

British Ecological Society

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Managers