Job Profile: Highways and PROW Officer

Location: Isle of Man

Employer: Isle of Man Government


Job Responsibilities:

I am responsible for all aspects of the Islands PROW network including but not limited to, investigating disputed paths, investigating calls for presumed dedications, liaising with land owners wishing to dedicate PROW, liaising with landowners to resolve disputes, progressing and guiding a small team with PROW orders to effect changes to the definitive map or statement. I am also responsible for a small maintenance team of 8 ensuring that the Islands PROW maintenance is kept up to date and any works are carried out.

Majority of time is spent doing – diverting footpaths to ensure the definitive map is up to date and working with the maintenance crews with time spent 50/50 indoors/outdoors

Summer is busy for maintenance


Qualifications needed: 5 GCSE’s at C or higher and relevant experience with no additional training needed

Skills needed: patience, calm under pressure, good understanding of legislation and its application


Advice to anyone looking at similar roles:

My relevant experience was just having a good knowledge of the outdoors and walking on the Island. Legislation and understanding it is a huge part of the role as it guides every aspect.


If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the job holder please contact CJS by email.


If you are interested in a career in the Rights of Way sector then check out the information page here 

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