Job Profile: Director, Principal Ecologist & Botanical Specialist

a smiling person holding some grasses, plants  & scissors in a field with clouds scudding over a blue sky
(Joshua Styles)

Name: Joshua Styles

Employer: Director of Styles Ecology Ltd

Location: Liverpool


Job Responsibilities: Organisation of company finances, fee proposals, field survey, report writing, licensing, speaking and training. 35% is field work with 65% desk work so mostly spent indoors

Joshua is busier in warmer periods with a greater emphasis on field work between March-October.


Qualifications needed: BSc Ecology, MSc Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring, FISC Level 6, protected plant licences.


Skills needed: High energy, good communication skills, organisation skills, and most importantly – good field skills! I have relevant experience in Phase 1, 2 and 3 habitat/botanical, ornithological, mammal, bryophyte, reptile and amphibian survey techniques and have been commissioned to conduct various ecological assessments.


Advice to anyone looking at similar roles: Improve your plant identification and field survey skills set! Go above and beyond.

Joshua says:

I am the author of the Edge Hill University Biodiversity Action Plan, founder of the North West Rare Plant Initiative (NWRPI) and founder of British Botany Training.

I aim to expand my experience in surveying other taxa such as aquatic invertebrates and gain additional, relevant EPS licenses in the future with continued development upon existing experience.

After more than 9 years as an ecologist, I decided to establish my own company as of November 2023. So far, it has been incredible to gain control over my own work, what work I take on, how and when I work, how much I charge - it’s been fantastic with some amazing projects lined up for 2024! The work I've taken on spans all the way from training to speaking events, field survey, inputs into guidance standards and a lot more.


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