Job Profile: Parliamentary Officer

Employer: Environmental Charity

Location: Usually has to be London based for political roles, as you need regular access to Westminster (at least in non-Covid times!)

Job Responsibilities:

Talking to MPs, Lords, Parliamentary Staff and Ministers. Creating strategies for how we engage with politicians and what sort of events we hold – such as 1-1 meetings, roundtables, panel events, etc. Campaigning to advance the RSPB’s aims in Parliament through shifting the political debate, building relationships with politicians and ensuring that legislation is beneficial for nature.

Time is spent mainly indoors.

Qualifications needed:

No qualifications are necessary, but a degree and/or postgrad are usually looked on favourably. But most important is a good knowledge of politics and political influencing (and hopefully experience too, such as working for an MP), as well as being good at building relationships and thinking strategically.

Skills needed: Good at taking initiative and thinking outside of the box, good at building and maintaining relationships with a range of people.

Advice to anyone looking at similar roles:

Try to really build your knowledge of politics – read newsletters and articles, listen to podcast, watch Parliamentary debates – following the day to day of politics. Any politically-related work experience or volunteering is also useful, such as internships with local MPs or writing blogs and articles. And feel free to reach out to people already in politics – whether in Parliament or working at NGOs/as lobbyists – they will always be happy to mentor.

If you have any queries about this role or would like to ask a question of the job holder please contact CJS by email.