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CJS Weekly

The Original CJS Newsletter, includes online adverts (paid advertising)

First Published:     July 1994

Availability:   On a subscription only basis.

Readership:   200 copies, c. 8,500 readers including every National Trust site, many RSPB and Wildlife Trust sites, university careers departments but mostly to individuals.  95% sent electronically.

Why choose CJS Weekly:    Offers highly targeted advertising.  Regular advertising is automatically included online.

Is the only publication to carry free recruitment advertising in the form of Free Linage, these are text adverts edited to the in-house style.    See a sample of a Free Linage advert. (NB free and enhanced linage adverts do not appear online)

Advert appears initially in CJS Weekly Update (main section), in following weeks in CJS Weekly: Existing Opportunities until edition nearest the closing date, therefore, no need to pay for multiple insertions.

Published: Every Friday except over Christmas and New Year.


Booking:  For artwork and paid adverts noon Thursday

Copy: 5pm Thursday (all adverts inlcuding free)

Online coverage: there is no automatic online coverage with free or enhanced free advertising however regular (paid) advertising is posted online in full.



Free advertising:   

CJS Weekly is the only CJS publication to carry free recruitment advertising. See a sample of a Free Linage advert 

Free linage: basic details of your vacancy edited to the in house style.   Submit your FREE advert copy here

Please note: the free linage option does have the lowest response rate.

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Add a video: £40

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Job of the Day:     £50 per day    As higher promotion but with an image, you can supply an image to use or CJS will create one for you. Includes: banner on the main jobs page.

Limits: maximum of 1 promotion per advert per week.

Social Package:   £75 per advert  As for Job of the Day plus sharing to other website / fora, for example specialist Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups, selected by CJS to ensure we're reaching the right audience for your job.     Limits: one promotion per advert only.  More information here. 

NB: all prices  + VAT at standard rate

All adverts.

Online for four weeks or until the closing date whichever is sooner. Longer runs by arrangement.

Published in full in the next available edition of CJS Weekly.

Volunteers and unpaid posts.

50% discount off all advertising.   ALL including free adverts are posted online here.   This is distinct from the main CJS Online jobs page.  Paid adverts receive a greater level of social media coverage. More details here

Suggested extra: Where deadlines permit add CJS Professional for less than 10% extra, see Professional for details

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CJS Weekly Reader profile:  

Highest qualification achieved   

GCSE / A level: 5%

BTEC: 8%

Degree: 70%

Masters or higher: 17%

Years of professional experience    

Up to five years: 10%

6-9 years: 5%

10-14 years: 24%

15-19 years: 16%

Over 20 years: 45%

Next post preferred grade

Entry / starter: 16%

Main grade: 39%

Senior grade: 17%

Management level: 28%


Data from our autumn 2017 survey.

Posts of interest

Countryside Ranger / Warden and Countryside Officer posts are of interest to over 95% of the readership and form the main area of interest for 50%.

Environmental Education has is the main search for 21% and is of interest to 93%

Outdoor Education and adventure activity leadership is a recent addition and 20% of the readership would like to see more of this type of vacancy.

Ecology and biodiversity posts are of interest to 90% and the main focus for a third.

Arboriculture is of interest to a third and is the main focus for 10% and is of interest to three quarters of readers.

Rights of Way and access is the main search area for 16% and is of interest to 62% of readers.

Zoology and working with wildlife and animals (not research) is of interest to 70% of readers and animal handling and welfare (including zoos) is of interest to two thirds.

Rural regeneration project work has been requested by 65% of readers

Horticulture (gardeners) was also included after requests from readers and is of interest to 70% forming the main focus for 7%   


Our advertisers say:

  • We were extremely pleased with the response from our CJS advert and will definitely use it again. (private company)
  • Employed a very strong candidate who responded to our CJS advert. (National conservation charity)
  • Excellent service and the best option for small organisations, especially for part time and short term contracts where advertising is not always cost effective. CJS cuts out inappropriately qualified applicants. (Local biodiversity partnership)
  • Excellent service, speed with which ads can be placed is a definite bonus. (FT 100 company)
  • Response has been good and we have appointed good staff. (Heritage Coast)

100% of advertisers in CJS Weekly will use CJS again.*

59% of advertisers in CJS Weekly say the response is as good as other publications.*

41% of advertisers in CJS Weekly say the response is better than from other publications.*

61% of advertisers say the standard of applicants from adverts in CJS is higher than average.*

*Replies to CJS Biennial Advertisers Satisfaction Survey 2014.


Our readers say:

  • The only source I use to look for countryside jobs - I look forward to its arrival every week.
  • My career would be completely different without ten years of CJS - Thank you!!
  • A great service which has served as a reliable method of securing employment for me over the last ten years. It continues to go from strength to strength.
  •  Very useful to all our staff, thanks for a consistent and reliable service. (a county countryside service)
  • Used by everyone I know in the industry.
  • A university careers services said - Greatly appreciated by all our students.


Online Reader profile:  

Highest qualification achieved    

GCSE / A level: 6%

BTEC: 13%

Degree: 51%

Masters: 28%

Higher (eg PhD): 3%

Years of professional experience    

Less than one year: 13%

2-5 years: 31%

6-9 years: 17%

10-14 years: 10%

15-19 years: 9%

Over 20 years: 20%

Next post preferred grade          

Entry / starter: 29%

Main grade: 50%

Senior grade: 14%

Management level: 7%


Data from our autumn 2017 survey.

Posts of interest

Countryside Ranger / Warden and Countryside Officer posts are of interest to over 90% of the web users and form the main area of interest for around 40%.

Arboriculture is of interest for 70% of readers and for 6% is the main focus.

Rights of Way and access is the main search area for 6% of readers and is of interest to 80%.

Wildlife and Zoology (not research) is of interest to over 90% of users and is the main focus for 10%. Animal handling and welfare (including zoos) is of interest to over three quarters and for the main focus for 5%

Ecology is of interest to over 90% of readers and forms the main focus for 44%

Environmental education is the major search area for 11% of users and is of interest to 92%.

Outdoor Activities posts are of interest to 82%.

Community involvement and project work is the main area for 21% of readers and 27% would lilk to see more of these roles.

Visitor Management is the main search area for 9% of readers and is of interest to 89%

Volunteer management and recruitment type roles form the main focus for 10% and 11% would like to see more.

A new area for CJS is Rural Regeneration, 63% of readers have requests for this sector and similar roles to be added to our coverage.

Research roles form a growing area of interest with 20% of readers wanting to see more this type of vacancy and forming the main focus of 13%


Our advertisers say:

  • The quality of candidates responding to CJS adverts means that I don't have to do much other advertising to get a decent shortlist for interview. Value for money second to none. (City Council)

  • Very satisfied with the speed, efficiency and costs involved throughout the entire advertising process. (Government Department)

  • Impressed with the promptness of the advert going onto the internet and subsequent speed of the first interest coming through on email, first enquiry came through in the afternoon of the advert being placed. (Private Zoo)

  •  The best response that we have received, excellent coverage. (County Council)

  • We had a very good response to the advert and thank you for your assistance. (Royal Estate)


Our readers say:

  • A daily routine, thank you for giving such consistently good service to environmental job hunters.

  • By far the leading website for providing career opportunities in the countryside management sector.

  • My first port of call when looking for a job.

  • The leading conservation jobsite on the net and one renowned throughout the ecological and biological world.

  • Probably the one and only site worth looking at for jobs in the conservation sector.

  • The one stop shop for all environmental jobs.

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