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logo: Countryside Management Association

The Countryside Management Association (CMA)

The CMA is the largest organisation of its kind representing professionals engaged in countryside and urban greenspace management throughout England and Wales.   CMA’s diverse membership is linked by common themes.

Formed in 1966, CMA links professionals working in a range of environments from Urban and Country Parks to National Parks, Local and National Nature Reserves and other protected areas. Members are employed in a variety of different roles from Rangers and Wardens to Project Officers, Rights of Way Officers and Ecologists and for a variety of organisations including Local Authorities, National Park Authorities, the Forestry Commission, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Water Authorities and Natural England.

logo: SCRA

Scottish Countryside Rangers Association  (SCRA)

SCRA is the professional organisation for Rangers, and has an excellent record of innovation, training and development.  Its success is due to the enthusiasm of many people and the commitment of a few key individuals.

The Scottish Countryside Rangers Association was founded on November 13th 1974, at the end of the first national in-service training course.   

 It aims to promote and encourage high standards of professionalism amongst Countryside Rangers, through the development of communication and exchange of ideas amongst its members and with other organisations, SCRA's views and opinions are sought from many quarters.

British Wildlife Photography Awards

We are an official supporter of the awards and sponsor the Botanical Britain category.

Celebrating the diversity of the natural history in the UK

A brand new international photography competition, the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards celebrates and recognise the talents of photographers of all nationalities practicing in the UK while, at the same time, highlighting the great wealth and diversity of the natural history of the British Isles. At a time when we're increasingly conscious of the importance of wildlife, habitat and conservation, the Awards will encourage photographers, whether professional or enthusiast, to explore Britain’s natural and urban environments, and discover its bounty of wildlife species, from birds to mammals, insects to marine life.


We are a corporate supporter of the National Biodiversity Network

The Network is an ever-growing network of individuals and organisations, recording and caring for the UK’s wildlife data and making it universally accessible to the public, educators, researchers, conservationists and environmental decision-makers. The partnership of the Network allows us to run the national NBN Atlas which now holds over 219 million records of wildlife in the UK as well as a growing database of habit and ecosystem data. These important resources are used daily in decision making about environmental management, and for research and conservation. The NBN is a partnership organisation and it’s through this network the NBN will grow and develop. Your membership is important in helping the Network achieve those aims.

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We are trade members of BASC. Their mission is to promote and protect sporting and shooting and the well-being of the countryside throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

CJS supports New Nature

And we are very happy to recommend this e-magazine written, edited and produced entirely by young people. By young conservationists, naturalists, ecologists and, of course, writers; each inspired in their own way by the natural world.


CJS supports the Fight for Scotland’s Nature

38 environmental charities from across Scotland have come together to ‘Fight for Scotland’s Nature’ and gather support for a Scottish Environment Act. If the natural heritage of Scotland is not safeguarded - along with animals and plants, livelihoods are also lost.


Sometimes CJS takes on a sponsorship, adopts a plant, animal or plants trees. 

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