CJS Services:  Details of additional recruitment services offered by CJS


As budgets get cut and staff time is stretched let CJS deal with the time consuming aspects of staff recruitment.

These additional services are available to add to any advertising with CJS, even the free linage in CJS Weekly.

Hosting additional information

If you don't have a website or are unable to host your own documentation we can host your job description, application pack or other documentation.

We can supply you with a web link to use in any other advertising.

Cost Minimum £10 per document.  £10 per 100kb file size, this is usually large enough for most files.

PO Box

If you request application by CV and don't want them arriving in dribs and drabs or taking up your administrators time use a CJS PO Box.

We will set up a box number for replies which can be sent to us by post or email.  We will acknowledge receipt for you and once the closing date has passed send a bundle of applications either by post or electronically, we can scan and email paper applications.

Usual Cost £50 for digital only (by email)   £75 for post and digital.  

Application forms

Use our online standard application form. (download a copy here)

Direct applicants to our form, you can use the address in other adverts.

We collect the responses, acknowledge receipt and send you all applications by email or post after the closing date has passed.

Usual Cost £100  

CJS shortlisting service

The ultimate package

Use our online application form, provide us with a list of criteria both essential and desirable, you can rank them in order of preference.

We will acknowledge receipt of applications on your behalf and collect the responses.

Once the closing date has passed we will group your applications into sets up to a maximum of four groups, according to your criteria and then send you the applications.

Usual Cost £750

For information

CJS is registered with the Information Commissioners Officers and is on the Data Protection Register, register entry Z98570707.

CJS will forward all information provided to the employer or their agent and will not retain or use supplied information for any other purpose.

CJS will destroy all copies within two weeks of the interview date or within eight weeks of the closing date whichever is the longer. 

NB: All prices quoted net of VAT which is chargeable at standard rates.

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