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The Ranger App is a new communication solution responding to recent reports and recommendations and this can only be great news for Rangers locally and around the world.

Force For Nature Ranger App (Force For Nature)
Force For Nature Ranger App (Force For Nature)

In the Chitwan Declaration (Ranger World Congress, 2019) and the ‘Life on the Frontline’ Report (WWF, 2019) a lack of appropriate training and connection between Rangers around the world were recognised as key problems. Jamie McCallum PhD was present at the Ranger World Congress 2019 and was struck by these important issues. Wanting to be a part of the solution he founded Force For Nature and developed the Ranger App.

The Force For Nature Ranger App is an online space created by Rangers, for Rangers. Endorsed by the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and the Universal Rangers Support Alliance (URSA), it is a growing online community that connects Rangers and provides relevant conservation news, events, stories, and training. It is totally free, with over 90 countries represented, and the app is now keen to get more UK Rangers onboard. Please consider becoming a member of the Ranger App, links are below.

Mara Loita Community Rangers holding logs (Force for Nature)
Mara Loita Community Rangers, published on the Force For Nature Ranger App 2nd July 2021

There is a Chat function that allows Rangers to connect with colleagues locally and around the world. With this feature you can create your own chat groups amongst friends or special interest groups. For example, your work might focus on monitoring, so you can make a group with colleagues who have the same interest. Share ideas, ask questions, and ultimately learn from each other.

When the recent URSA report, ‘Towards Gender Equality in the Ranger Workforce’ called for more female friendly spaces, the Ranger App released a Force For Women group chat. A safe space to connect female Rangers so that they can share their wins, questions, and concerns in a supportive environment. Always responding to the needs on the ground. If you have an idea you would like to see implemented, you are encouraged to get in touch with Force For Nature.

people on horseback near a lake Credit Keith Swenson
(Credit Keith Swenson) published on the Force For Nature Ranger App 18th August 2021

The Stories section features a wide variety of interesting posts about the lives of Rangers around the world. Recent highlights have included posts about sniffer dogs trained to find ivory and bushmeat, Rangers who patrol on horse-back, Swedish Rangers that rescue trucks in snowstorms, Kenyan Rangers who work to protect forests from illegal loggers and Rangers that rescue black bear cubs from being kept as pets. It’s never a dull moment for Rangers and this is clearly highlighted by the variety of experiences posted on the Ranger App.

Mobile phone showing the Ranger app with an image of a turtle (Force for Nature)
(Force For Nature)

Staying up to date with conservation and biodiversity news can be paramount for a career in conservation. The News section of the Ranger App includes news from across the world giving a fantastic insight into conservation efforts around the globe, including daily updates from Mongabay Environment News and the Guardian Biodiversity News, alongside frequent updates from the IRF and ERF.

The Ranger App also offers an education section, listing dozens of free online courses and aide-mémoires. A hugely valuable tool in providing additional training to Rangers who want to progress their knowledge. The courses range from first aid to animal track identification and human rights and are made in quick accessible stages to fit into the busy lifestyle of a Ranger. There are also a large number of Ranger events advertised within the app, both in person and online, which can provide great opportunities to network and learn.

We hope to see you on the Ranger App soon!

The App can be downloaded through an iOS or Android device or can be accessed on a desktop through the Webapp. Links below.

Download the Force For Nature Ranger App here:

iOS: Click Here

Android: Click Here


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