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Produced periodically the CJS Focus appears in full on this website and is promoted across the website additionally it is included in full with copies of CJS Weekly and CJS Professional.  Each supplement features a different area of the sector.  CJS Focus is primarily an information resource for our readers; the aim being to expand knowledge of specific area of the sector and to provide valuable information thereby increasing the current knowledge of our readers who are all in the conservation, countryside & environment sector.  The supplements (Volunteering edition excepted) are not intended as a place to advertise jobs.

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Current edition details

The most recent edition is CJS Focus on the Volunteering in association with The Conservation Volunteers published on 10 February 2020

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Next Edition details

The next edition is CJS Focus on Environmental Education and Outdoor Activities in association with The Countryside Education Trust and will be published on 11 May 2020

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Four most recent previous editions

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Older editions:

Every Focus edition since the first one published in November 2004 is available to download from our archive, you can also read past articles.

Access the archive of articles here.

Suggestions for content (or future editions)

If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see please let us know, maybe there is a certain organisation or resource you have come across which you would like to share or a product or service you are desperately trying to source, maybe we can help find what you are seeking please email us