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With all the current pressures on the countryside, parks and wildlife, the Countryside Management Association welcomes everyone who wants to make a difference. If you’re looking to put your skills, talent and enthusiasm to work, the Countryside Management Association (CMA) has some options that might hopefully appeal to you. Apart from our administrator, all the ‘officers’ of the CMA (Board, National Committee, Regional Co-ordinators) take on the roles as volunteers, so you’d certainly be in good company……

As the CMA grows from strength to strength, there are many opportunities to improve what we offer to members and we’d really welcome your help! Many volunteers have already joined as members but you’d be more than welcome to ‘try us out’ and work with us on any of the suggestions given. We’d love to hear from you!

You can now take a very good photograph with your phone  (Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash)
You can now take a very good photograph with your phone (Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash)

CMA would love to have:

A photo library to call on: As crazy as it might sound, the CMA sometimes struggles to find the right photographs for use in our quarterly magazine ‘Ranger’, on the web site, in powerpoint presentations or in various other articles sent to the media. Photographs of species, habitats, people at work, events, signage, ‘action’ photos, and interpretative displays and so on; the list could be endless. CMA would really benefit from a bank of photographs to use copyright free (but credited to you of course). Handy with a camera? Enjoy photography? Photos taken with a decent mobile phone can be just as good as a camera so if you think you could help, just contact us and we can discuss the types of photographs likely to be needed.

Video footage: similarly, various length video clips or relevant footage would be great additions to the web site and/or Facebook page.

Your input to our regular Study Days: all across the land, different CMA regions offer Study Days on a variety of countryside management topics throughout the year (check out the web site). You will have lots of knowledge and experience from your volunteer work so why not consider organising a Study Day for CMA? It’s all about exchanging experiences, showing off what you do and meeting others in the profession. Study days are always great fun and an informal and brilliant way of networking. We’d be only too happy to share with you how we easily set these up and promote them.

Design and artwork input for regional and national publications: Apart from the UK-wide ‘Ranger’ magazine, each region can produce its own newsletter. Whilst there’s lots of news, not everyone in CMA has the skills to design and illustrate a newsletter. Could you help? Likewise, CMA needs more promotional banners and sometimes additional publications or flyers for events. Not only would new design and artwork be of great benefit to CMA, your work would be seen and appreciated by many hundreds of members across the UK.

Some help with finding, negotiating and drawing down sponsorship: As a membership organisation, CMAs primary source of funding is from annual subscriptions. From those, CMA offers a wide range of Study Days, regional and national publications, bursaries to assist attendance at seminars (including European and international events) and an Annual Conference. An increase in commercial / other sponsors could help enormously in providing improved and increased benefits for members. In return, sponsors gain promotion and publicity at Conference, in ‘Ranger’ magazine, the web site and social media. Do you have a knack for that kind of work?

Media articles / press release expertise: In this ever-changing world, the work we all do and the importance of it, needs to be constantly promoted. At the 50th Anniversary CMA Conference in 2016, delegates agreed that most countryside practitioners are not always too great at ‘shouting about’ what we all do and why. If you have the skills and experience in putting together press release or articles to send to a variety of media, we’d very much like to hear from you. Linking up with either Regional Co-ordinators for regional news or the CMA Board for national or international items would see your PR/media experience used to great effect.

Why not come and help out (Photo by Olesya Grichina on Unsplash)
Why not come and help out (Photo by Olesya Grichina on Unsplash)

‘World Ranger Day’ assistance: World Ranger Day (WRD) is 31st July each year. It is held to remember rangers who have lost their lives in the line of duty across the world and celebrate the work of rangers and allied staff across the globe. Across the continents, all kinds of events are held to commemorate and celebrate. Funds raised that day are donated to the Thin Green Line Foundation; an international fund that supports the widows and families of those who have lost their lives. WRD events or activities are almost impossible without the help of willing volunteers, so if you’d like to volunteer your services, whatever they may be, please contact us.

Help with research: Sometimes a topic is raised at a meeting or is covered in the Ranger magazine that warrants further details being researched. The additional information can then be placed on our web site for those who wish to delve into or read up on that topic further. Topics can arise relating to innovative management techniques, new equipment or that are perhaps species-specific. If researching, finding and collating information is up your street, do get in touch!

A short film highlighting the work of different rangers across the country: This is a somewhat bigger project to organise….. but if a budding film-maker, contact us for a chat.

Formed in 1966 the CMA is the largest organisation supporting the work of conservation, access and recreation professionals in the natural greenspace and countryside sector throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


In the first instance, please do email

Or specifically for Study Days: gives a list of Regional Co-ordinators. Contact the Co-ordinator closest to you or email for our National Training Co-ordinator CMA web site:


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First published in CJS Focus on Volunteering in association with RSPB on 18 September 2017

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