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The Scottish Countryside Rangers Association is the professional organisation for Rangers and other countryside staff in Scotland with links throughout the UK and internationally.

SCRA was founded in 1974, and aims to promote and encourage high standards of professionalism amongst Countryside Rangers, through the development of communication and exchange of ideas amongst its members and with other organisations.

SCRA's views and opinions are sought from many quarters and we are active within Scottish LINK, a partnership environmental lobby group.  The Association organises a series of training events, social gatherings and an Annual Training Conference which brings together Rangers from across Scotland.  In addition, we are hosting the International Ranger Federation’s Congress in Stirling June this year. This will see over 250 rangers from throughout the world meeting to progress skills, methodologies and discuss issues related to community engagement and protected area management.

Upcoming training courses from SCRA include Dogs and the Law, Emergency First Aid, Management Planning, Water Safety & Management, Water Voles, Grassland Management, Interpreting Fungi with Children, Interactive design and construction, Lichens, Hazardous tree management and  Animal First Aid.

For more information on SCRA or any of our activities visit our website at

First published in CJS Focus on Seasonal & Volunteer Work in association with the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association & the Countryside Management Association on 20 February 2006

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