Training Directory: Identification and Field Survey Skills - Ornithology Short Courses

kestrel in flight (image: Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash)

Identification and Field Survey Skills - Ornithology


Practical training in how to identify and handle birds, also training in survey techniques and classifications including ringing licences.

26/04/2024 Intro to Wildlife Identification and Tracking 3 Days

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, Knight-Fox Wild About Learning 01570493358

On this new Wildlife Identification and Tracking course we will learn to visually identify mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians. We will explore tracks, feathers, skulls & bones, scat, homes & resting places, kill sites, feeding signs, owl pellets and more!

Cost £160

28/04/2024 SWWR Rehab and Release Practical Course 1 Day

SWWR, East Huntspill, Somerset, Secret World Wildlife Rescue 01278783250

Interested in learning more about British wildlife and how it is cared for in a wildlife rehabilitation centre setting? This practical course is available to those that have completed our four online courses and wish to put their knowledge to the test.

Cost £60

04/05/2024 Beginners' Birdwatching 1 Day

Sevenoaks Willdife Reserve, Kent Wildlife Trust 01622 662012

Learn how to identify birds on this introductory course. An indoor introduction will be followed by an outdoor session to look for birds of woodland and wetland.

Cost £37.50 Standard fee

10/05/2024 Bird Survey Techniques (MMU) 4 Days

Preston Montford, Shrewsbury, Field Studies Council

Learn and develop basic bird survey techniques. The course will be delivered through a combination of seminars, laboratory sessions and practical field work. Look into bird survey design, techniques, and interpretation of results. Practical experience of techniques including point counts, transects, breeding bird surveys, population counts, etc.

Cost £366 - 570

01/06/2024 Learning Bird Song 1 Day

Thornden Wood, Blean and South Swale Local Nature Reserves, Kent Wildlife Trust 01622 662012

Most species have unique songs. This day will help you identify or recognise birds by sound. Discover the purpose behind their distinctive songs and calls.

Cost £37.50 Standard fee

29/06/2024 Scottish Island Birds 2 Days

Millport, Field Studies Council

This beginner-intermediate bird course provides a unique opportunity to embark on a guided ornithological tour of a beautiful, yet accessible, Scottish island. Be inspired and engaged by the expertise of our specialist tutor and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Cost £216

23/07/2024 Discovering Garden Birds: Identification and Ecology (Online)

Online, Field Studies Council

This beginner online bird course is aimed at bird enthusiasts who wish to learn more about their much-loved garden visitors and want to begin to be able to identify them and understand their biology and ecology.

Cost £60

26/08/2024 A close look at nature: 2-week experience 12 Days

Lower Sharpham Farm, Ashprington, Totnes, TQ9 7DX, Ambios Ltd

Get up close and personal with abundant nature in a beautiful landscape. Develop your confidence in how to identify and interpret nature, including birds and wild mammals. You’ll also investigate the world of plants and their medicinal, cultural, and edible properties. Leave feeling resourced to start your nature recovery journey.

Cost £980

03/09/2024 Bird Field Skills (Online)

Online, Field Studies Council

This beginner online bird course will introduce you to the field skills required to start identifying and recording birds, including how to use a guide and make a valuable record.

Cost £20

06/09/2024 Autumn Migration in Kent 1 Day

Oare Marshes, Kent Wildlife Trust 01622 662012

Observe wetland birds and find out how to identify them. Learn how birds navigate and about the remarkable migrations they make.

Cost £37.50 Standard fee

26/09/2024 Discovering Tracks and Signs (Online)

Online, Field Studies Council

This introductory online wildlife tracking course will explore the skills needed to confidently identify a variety of mammal and bird activities when you are out in the field. Wildlife tracking is a crucial skill within conservation management and key for species identification.

Cost £30

07/11/2024 Bird Survey Techniques for Professionals 2 Days

Stirling, British Trust for Ornithology

A 2-day training course in bird survey techniques and their applications, involving indoor taught theory and outdoor practical sessions. Topics covered include scoping and data sources, distance sampling methodology, territory mapping methodology, survey selection design and set-up, and the application of ornithological methods to the EIA process.

Cost £700

Various Bird Biology

Online, Ecology Training UK Ltd 0330 165 3024

This online course is a great foundation introduction to birds. Modules include: bird anatomy and physiology, taxonomy, adaptations to the environment, bird behaviours, threats and legislation and bird habitats.

Cost £120

If you are interested in any of the courses detailed please contact ONLY the person, centre, telephone number or email address and remember to mention that you saw the listing in CJS Training Directory. For all courses assume that booking is required and a fee may be applicable.

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