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(MSc, Degree and day release)


Courses longer than 10 days in length providing specialist training in all countryside related subjects, both practical and theoretical.

If you're thinking of a career in countryside or conservation then it's probable that you'll need some specialist training.  These pages have details of some of the many longer courses available, suitable for all levels from MSc for people looking to change career to NVQs offered free in return for voluntary work. 


For apprenticeships and internships which offer training alongside full or part time work. click here.

The courses listed online are sub-divided according to content, or search for your chosen subject.


Tractor and baler (image: Jed Owens on Unsplash)


Farming and those related to the agricultural industry.

cut trunk of a recently felled tree (image: Markus Spiske on Unsplash)


Arboriculture, woodland management and tree care.

tray of seedlings (image: Alexei Hulsov  / Pixabay)

Botany and Horticulture

Specialist training in botanical subjects covers everything from practical vegetable gardening to research into crop production.

meadow flora (image: NickyP / Pixabay)


Includes biodiversity conservation and ecological consultancy, also covers courses such as Evolutionary Biology and behavioural ecology.

Sign saying den-building (image: Siora Photography on Unsplash)

Environmental Education

Subjects relating to environmental education and volunteer management, includes Forest Schools, Bush Craft and Earth Education.

brick bridge crossing overgrown stream (image: Alicja / Pixabay)

Land and Countryside Management

The theory behind the techniques, includes work based practical conservation and landscape management.

seagull skimming the waves with crab in its beak (image: Susanne Jutzeler / Pixabay)

Marine and Coastal

Qualifications in oceanography and related areas; includes offshore renewable energy to marine environmental management.

red hot horsehoe over an anvil (image: Jacqueline Macou / Pixabay)

Hobby and Craft

Traditional craft courses which can be anything using traditional skills e.g. hurdle making, blacksmithing or basketweaving. This section includes photography.

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