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Webinars and online events/learning

Details of professional events and training that are held online, participation is via video conferences, also information on recorded lectures and seminars that can be viewed online and / or downloaded.

Online Events

20/06/2024 Species ID Skills Virtual Symposium at Zoom 0.5 Day

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This virtual event will bring together conservationists, environmental educators, biological recording schemes and more to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to developing species ID skills in both professional and non-professional audiences. We'll explore how training, ID guides, assessments and emerging technologies can be used to develop these skills.

09/07/2024 How Can We Use Sound to Measure Biodiversity? at Zoom 0.5 Day

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A bioacoustics specialist will introduce how the science of bioacoustics is used to monitor and measure biodiversity, delving into the current limitations and potential applications. We'll then hear a case study from a conservationist who is using cutting-edge bioacoustics to monitor and conserve the birds across their sites.

16/07/2024 Windermere's Water Quality: From Satellite To River Bank at Zoom 0.5 Day

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This webinar will delve into the evidence behind the algal blooms impacting on Lake Windermere. We'll explore different sources of data, such as invertebrate monitoring, satellite imagery and human activity data to establish if a common cause can be established. A must for anyone that cares about water quality.

17/07/2024 Hoverfly Lagoons Project: A Journey into the Past, Present and Future (entoLIVE) at Zoom 0.1 Day

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The Hoverfly Lagoons project was invented in 2016 as a citizen science project. The aim was to trial artificial habitats, essentially small water bodies designed for semi-aquatic hoverfly species. Dr Ellen Rotheray takes us through her lagoons journey - past, present, and plans for the future.

19/07/2024 State of the UK's Invertebrates Virtual Symposium at Zoom 0.5 Day

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This event will bring together a range of invertebrate specialists to showcase some of the innovative work that is being undertaken. We'll explore what is being done to improve our understanding of British invertebrate populations and what we can do to protect the species that are struggling.

13/09/2024 National Bat Conference at University of Reading / Zoom 3 Days

Bat Conservation Trust Contact:

The National Bat Conference is the biggest event in the bat calendar and this year returns as a hybrid event! An opportunity to hear from experts, develop your skills and connect with bat workers from across the country - catch up with old friends and make new ones.

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