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people walking across a field at an agricultural show (image: pixabay)

Events (Conferences, fairs etc)


Professional events, conferences, fairs etc. held for the countryside, arboriculture, wildlife, ecology and conservation sectors.

03/02/2021 Trees, People and the Built Environment 4 at Online 2 Days

Institute of Chartered Foresters Contact:

03/02/2021 Careers in River Conservation - Virtual Event at Online 1 Day

Unlocking the Severn Contact: 07789178506

This event will feature a series of talks from professionals working in the river conservation sector, including land management, volunteer coordination, environmental education, fisheries management and research. Our speakers will share insights into what their roles involve and the routes they took to get to where they are today.

04/02/2021 Free Webinar – People, plate and planet: working with wildlife for the benefit of all on the veg patch at Online 1 Day

Centre for Alternative Technology Contact: 01654705950

Gardening journalist, editor and trainer Kim Stoddart will explore the co-benefits of working with wildlife and improving biodiversity on your garden veg patch or community green space. Book online now.

04/02/2021 Bird Flight and Co-operative Aerodynamics at Virtual 1 hour Days

London Natural History Society Contact: 07725232190

Through the use of novel biologging technology, and by working with the reintroduction scheme of the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis, studies have been performed on the relative positioning of individuals in a V-formation, and the co-operative aerodynamic interactions that take place, at a level and complexity not previously feasible.

16/02/2021 Oyster Restoration in the UK: Restoring a Forgotten Ecosystem (Natural History Live) at Virtual 1 hour Days

Field Studies Council Contact: 07725232190

Oysters are most commonly associated with a seafood restaurant on a plate, with a glass of champagne. However, our European native oyster provides us with a number of ecosystem services, such as cleaning our water and providing a home for other marine species. However, oysters have been steadily declining...

17/02/2021 Free webinar - Coping with the climate crisis at Online 1 Day

Centre for Alternative Technology Contact: 01654705950

Psychotherapist and climate author Ro Randall will explore the psychological effects of the climate crisis, and ways we can support ourselves and others as we work towards a brighter future.

18/02/2021 Riverfly Monitoring in Greater London at Virtual 1 hour Days

London Natural History Society Contact: 07725232190

The Riverfly Monitoring Initiative is a national scheme that brings together trained volunteers, conservation charities and the Environment Agency for the benefit of our rivers. Volunteers are out sampling invertebrates monthly in rivers across Greater London. Joe will talk about how the sampling is done and why it’s important.

23/03/2021 Hedgehogs on Roads: The Problems and Solutions (Natural History Live) at Virtual 1 hour Days

Field Studies Council Contact:

Hedgehog roadkill is sadly a familiar site on roads here in the UK as well as Europe. Roads pose a major threat to hedgehogs, directly through mortality from collisions as well as indirectly through the resulting fragmented habitat. Here we explore the issues in more depth, and potential solutions.

26/03/2021 TVERC Online Spring Recorders' Conference at Online 2 Days

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre Contact:

Our recorders’ conferences offer a chance for the biological recording community to come together and share updates and information on what they are doing. Anyone who is interested in wildlife recording and conservation is welcome to attend.

30/03/2021 Aspects of Defence Mechanisms in Lepidoptera (Natural History Live) at Virtual 1 hour Days

British Entomological and Natural History Society Contact:

As caterpillars, butterflies and moths can be vulnerable to predation from a wide range of animals. Barry will explore some aspects of how moths and butterflies avoid predation during the larval stage, with a focus on camouflage and mimicry (including snake mimicry).

04/10/2021 Europarc Conference 2021: Tribute to our landscape – Where nature and people meet in harmony at Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 4 Days

Europarc Contact:

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