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Professional events, conferences, fairs etc. held for the countryside, arboriculture, wildlife, ecology and conservation sectors.

06/02/2023 No Brain, No Problem? 20 Years of the National Jellyfish Survey at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

Every year, as spring creeps in, jellyfish arrive around the UK coastline. Since 2003, the Marine Conservation Society, along with thousands of citizen scientists all around the country, has been taking a deeper dive into their movements and how they might influence UK turtle populations. Booking required.

09/02/2023 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Impacts of Climate Change on Aquatic Insects at Zoom 0.5 Day

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Climate change is an issue that we are all too familiar with, but what is the impact on our aquatic invertebrates? Craig Macadam discusses his upland mayfly research and its implications in this free webinar.

22/02/2023 Wellbeing in curriculum-focused environmental education conference at University of Exeter 1 Day

University of Exeter Contact:

Following on from Children’s Mental Health Week, this one-day conference will address issues of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people in curriculum-focused environmental education from the perspectives of outdoor education practitioners, teachers, schools, researchers, and mental health and wellbeing professionals.

23/02/2023 Outdoor Recreation – Creating Healthy People, Communities & the Environment at Greenhill YMCA, Donard Park, Newcastle, BT33 0GR 1 Day

Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland Contact:

Outdoor recreation plays a key role in improving both the health of our population and the health of the environment we all enjoy. Bringing together key stakeholders from the outdoor recreation, health and environment sectors, this event will consider existing successful initiatives across Northern Ireland already delivering on creating healthy people, communities and the environment as well as discussions on the future role outdoor recreation has to play.

28/02/2023 Northern England Grouse Seminar at Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate 1 Day

Upland Research Group, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Contact:

The Upland Research Group of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust would like to invite you to their Northern England Grouse Seminar, which is to be held on February 28th 2023. Following the success of the event in spring 2020, the day will once again be held at the Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate with a capacity for up to 300 delegates.

03/03/2023 Pine Marten Conference for World Wildlife Day at Online 1 Day

UK Squirrel Accord Group Contact:

Join our online conference with speakers discussing pine marten recovery in relation to red squirrel conservation and living with a native predator.

13/03/2023 The Most Remarkable Migrants of All: The Fascinating World of Fly Migration at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

1-4 billion hoverflies migrate into and out of Britain each year. Despite these migratory insects helping control pest species and providing pollination services, migratory flies do not receive anywhere close to the same attention within research as vertebrates. An Exeter University study on insect migration is addressing this knowledge gap.

16/03/2023 Flying Squids: Their Life Story and Relationships With Each Other at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

Flying squids are fascinating organisms, existing in the mesopelagic realm, where they attain huge biomasses and are crucial for energy and matter cycles in the water column. They are very also important economically, as they sustain almost 50 % of current cephalopod landings in the world.

18/03/2023 TVERC Spring Recorders' Conference at Hill End outdoor Education Centre, Oxford, OX2 9NJ and online 1 Day

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre Contact:

A day of talks, updates and workshops to help you with your wildlife recording in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. If you would like to give a speed update on projects you have been involved with, or you'd like to bring along any displays, do let us know. See you there!

18/03/2023 Scottish Birdwatchers' Conference 2023 at Albert Halls, Dumbarton Road, Stirling, FK8 2QL 1 Day

Scottish Ornithologists' Club Contact:

This is a one-day conference organised by BTO Scotland, the SOC and the SOC's Central branch. Join us for a range of fascinating talks, designed to be interesting and relevant to both local attendees and those joining from further afield.

20/03/2023 Hop of Hope: Restoring the Large Marsh Grasshopper Through Citizen Keepers at Zoom Day

entoLIVE Contact:

The degradation and loss of the preferred habitat of the Large Marsh Grasshopper has constricted its range considerably. Today, it survives almost exclusively in the valley mires and wet heaths of the New Forest and Dorset. Citizen Zoo present their innovative approach to reintroducing this beautiful insect.

23/03/2023 The Pine Hoverfly: Bringing Them Back From The Brink Of Extinction at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

The Pine Hoverfly is critically endangered in Britain, reduced to just one population in a small forest patch in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Since 2018, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) has been running a conservation breeding programme for this important pollinator. Learn more with entoLIVE.

25/03/2023 Worms of the World at Zoom 0.5 Day

Biological Recording Company Contact:

Explore the worldwide diversity of earthworms with scientists from around the globe in this one-off virtual event, including talks on species new to science, giant wetland earthworms, invasive earthworms in North America and using genetics to understand endemics and establish conservation priorities.

27/03/2023 Streams To Spiders: How Aquatic Insects Interconnect Our Ecosystems at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

Freshwaters and forests might seem like definitively separate habitats, but they are tightly interconnected by insects. Insects such as mayflies, dragonflies and mosquitoes develop in water, emerging onto land as winged adults. This talk will delve into how these insects create an interconnected world in ways we don’t always expect.

29/03/2023 Biodiversity Net Gain Virtual Symposium 2023 at Zoom 0.5 Day

Biological Recording Company Contact:

This virtual event will bring together professionals from a range of sectors to discuss their experience and lessons learned from working with Biodiversity Net Gain. Topics covered will include delivering BNG for infrastructure projects, the Wiltshire Council perspective and the Wildlife Trusts habitat banking investment scheme.

30/03/2023 Weird But Wonderful World of Worms: Tales From The Museum Collections at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

The term 'worm' is often used synonymously with earthworms, but nature is full of many fascinating worms that we are much less familiar with. This includes the predatory or blood-sucking leeches and the fascinating bristle worms found in our seas and oceans. Learn more with the Natural History Museum.

03/04/2023 Celebrating Ladybirds: Developing Our Knowledge Through Citizen Science at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

Join Prof. Helen Roy MBE to hear about how the UK Ladybird Survey is improving our eunderstanding of the ecology of these beautiful beetles has been in part from the contributions of many citizen scientists. Helen will provide some insights into the diverse and intriguing life histories of ladybirds.

06/04/2023 Crawfish: Trending in South-west Britain at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

We explore the story of the crawfish in Britain and Ireland - and how volunteer 'Seasearch' divers are helping monitor how it is recovering from overfishing in South West England.

13/04/2023 Unlocking Invertebrate Genomes: Trying to Sequence Every Species at Zoom 0.5 Day

entoLIVE Contact:

This webinar will introduce the science of genomics, exploring methods such as whole genome sequencing and DNA barcoding. Liam will introduce the Darwin Tree of Life Project and his work with Oxford University focusing on sequencing British invertebrates - part of a huge undertaking to sequence every British species!

20/06/2023 PlasticsFuture 2023 Conference at Portland Building, University of Portsmouth 3 Days

Revolution Plastics, University of Portsmouth Contact:

PlasticsFuture 2023 is a mission-driven conference which aims to inspire new solutions to end plastic pollution. It will be an opportunity to share global research and innovation across disciplines and communities, and forge future collaborations.

03/10/2023 EUROPARC Conference 2023 - Tribute to our landscape, where nature and people meet in harmony at Netherlands 4 Days

Europarc Contact:

The EUROPARC Conference is the event of the year for Protected Area and Natura 2000 professionals. By bringing together experts in the field, the conference wants to support Protected Areas in creating a better, greener, sustainable and climate-proof Europe.

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