Christmas and New Year

a snowy Mill Green Way (lane to CJS office) image: K Humphreys 2010

Details of CJS deadlines and publication dates over Christmas and New Year.

Office hours

Please remember we take our annual holidays over the Christmas period when there are few or no job vacancies around, and this year we're taking an extra week, more information and reason here. The office will close on Tuesday 15 December 2020 and will re-open on Monday 4 January 2021.


The website will be updated up to and including Tuesday 15 December (last posting 3pm) and then again from Monday 4January (not before noon). News, first updates will not be before Tuesday 5 January.

CJS Weekly

The last copy of 2020 will be 11 December and the first of 2021 will be 8 January. There will be no copy published on 18 December, 25 December or 1 January.

Subscriptions: To receive the 11 December edition you must subscribe before 3pm on Thursday 10 December. To receive the 8 January edition you must subscribe before 3pm Thursday 7 January.

Advertising: To advertise in the 11 December edition copy to be received before 4pm Thursday 10 December. To advertise in the 8 January edition copy to be received before 4pm Thursday 7 January.Submit your advert online here.

Volunteers: Please note that due to the size of the first few editions in January we are unable to guarantee inclusion in any specific edition. However, all ads will be published well before their closing dates and are included online at no charge on the volunteers page. Submit your copy here. Please consider CJS Focus on Volunteers, published 22 February. Information here.

CJS Professional

First edition of 2021 will be published on Thursday 14 January.  All adverts must be booked before 5pm Monday 11 January and copy to be received before 12 noon Tuesday 10 January.



CJS Christmas card: flowering snowdrops in snow

Our Christmas card this year has been chosen as a symbol of hope and optimism; the sturdy snowdrop, not as fragile as it looks and, according to Alfred Lord Tennyson, the prophet of better times.


picture of the CJS calendar for 2021

Download your copy of the handy CJS Calendar complete with all the dates, deadlines for CJS publications plus information. (pdf)



Lockdown, tiers and early closing. I'm sure you'll agree it's been a most peculiar year and it's not over yet.

We're all facing uncertain times and are still navigating our way through the constantly changing situation as best we can, just about coping with everything created by living through a global pandemic. For everyone it's creating high levels of stress and generalised anxiety. Having worked nonstop since mid-March, missing holidays and days off as well as putting in some incredibly long hours we have made the decision to give ourselves the opportunity to decompress, to take time out with our families and for a few weeks to close the CJS office door. If you have a copy of our 2020 calendar you'll see that the office is showing as open until 23 December; however, we're taking an extra week's Christmas break this year, we have decided to close the office at 4pm on Tuesday 15 December re-opening on Monday 4 January. An additional seven days is not much but it will have a huge positive impact on the physical and mental health of the team allowing us to return in 2021 ready to carry on providing you with the quality content and excellent standard of service that makes CJS what it is.

You can see our journey through the pandemic and lockdown on the Situation with CJS and the Coronavirus outbreak pages.