Featured Charity: People's Trust for Endangered Species

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Details of our featured charity

Everyone who works within the countryside sector knows how important our charities are. That's one of the reasons why CJS offers free advertising in CJS Weekly, we'd much rather the charities spent their hard earned money (your generous donations) on actually conserving something than on splashy advertising. You're reading CJS, you don't need to be told how wonderful RSPB or your local Wildlife Trust is to make you want to work for them - you already know. CJS supports charities financially too and we've made it possible for you do so by adding a small donation to your subscription or when you get a job and no longer need your Weekly edition to donate the value of the remainder to our charities. 

CJS offers charities the opportunity to highlight their cause and good works in CJS.

logo: People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES)

Our current featured charity is People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES)

People’s Trust for Endangered Species was set up in 1977 to save our wildlife.
Our wildlife is disappearing. Almost two thirds of species in the UK have declined in the past 50 years. There's nothing natural or inevitable about this. It can be stopped. And everyone can play a part. That's why People's Trust for Endangered Species exists.

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logo: Countryside Classroom

Our featured charity in 2022 was Countryside Classroom

Countryside Classroom helps teachers to find resources, places to visit and school support relating to the themes of food, farming and the natural environment.

Find out all about them on their website here

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