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A little about what you can expect to find on the pages of and in our various publications.


CJS is a specialist service for the countryside sector.  We publish information which we think will be of interest to people working in countryside management and conservation profession.


This takes many forms, initially it was solely jobs but just as the sector is large and complex so is CJS. 

The website has a large directory of training courses, providers and details of professional events.

Added in 2010 is the News Section which has a handful of each day's countryside and wildlife related headlines as chosen by the CJS Team.  We aim to cover the main stories plus a few of the smaller special interest items, also links to scientific papers and policy documents.

In addition to the website there are two newsletters.  CJS Weekly was the first to be published, the first edition appearing in July 1994, and it remains the largest publication carrying details of all the vacancies online and lots more besides.  CJS Professional is a free newsletter sent to offices around the country.  The website is the fastest growing in terms of both readers and numbers of adverts.  In addition the jobs pages there are also separate sections for volunteer placements and information and adverts for apprenticeship adverts as well as a full Training Directory of professional courses and information.

We have range of in depth articles and features covering all aspects of the sector.


So, what sort of jobs will I find in CJS?  

Pretty much anything related to the countryside, from arboriculture to wildlife projects and everything in between including gamekeeping., countryside interpretation, research work, environmental education and visitor management are also included as are rights of way work and community involvement projects and not forgetting urban greenspaces and rural regeneration too.   CJS also includes some environmental and 'green' jobs so you'll also find waste minimisation, recycling and energy efficiency initiatives.  You won't find work dealing with radioactivity or asbestos, neither do we include environmental health vacancies or lab based microscopy work or computer modelling jobs. We've recently started to include a wider range of horticulture vacancies plus outdoor activities which is a whole new area for CJS but was requested by many readers in our reader survey. 

Find out more about the types of jobs advertised by CJS here.


The CJS Focus, published periodically, is a wealth of information on a range of subjects, each looks at a different aspect of the countryside / conservation sector.   These pages offer a jumping off point on your voyage of discovery, providing insight into the different topics covered.

Is it right for me?

If you're interested in, looking for work (paid or voluntary), looking for staff, already working in or wanting to get involved in anything to do with the countryside then CJS is the place for you.

Where do I start?

Either return to the home page and click on the coloured headers to see each section or on one of the links to go directly to a job, training course or news item of interest or click on the main section links above (top left). 

If you get totally lost (we know it's a big site which can seem scary at first) if you click on the CJS logo you'll go straight back to the home page.

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