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Identification and Field Survey Skills - Ornithology

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Short Training Courses

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Identification and Field Survey Skills - Ornithology

Practical training in how to identify and handle birds, also training in survey techniques and classifications including ringing licences.

October 2019

21/10/2019    Siberian Week: Looking at Bird Migration Along the Suffolk Coast    4 Days

Flatford Mill, Field Studies Council. Contact: 01206 297110

This course is designed to help you to find out more about bird identification and bird migration and the species likely to be encountered during migration periods. It is aimed equally at anyone who is a newcomer to birdwatching and those who wish to improve their skills in wild bird identification.

Cost £495.00

25/10/2019    Mainly Migrants    2 Days

Flatford Mill, Field Studies Council. Contact: 01206 297110

We will divide our time between watching birds in the field and working indoors reviewing and discussing what we have collectively learnt. We will observe as many species as possible and use the latest smartphone apps and DVD identification guides to cover those species that may elude us on the day.

Cost £270.00

31/10/2019    Identifying Coastal Wading Birds    1 Day

Lancaster, CIEEM. Contact: 01962 868626

This one day training course delivered by Mike Douglas will focus on coastal, non-breeding wading birds, although coastal wildfowl will also be identified in the field.

Cost £unknown

November 2019

03/11/2019    Field Craft and Animal Tracking - Get Close To Wildlife    1 Day

Woods Mill, Henfield, West Sussex, Sussex Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01273 497544

Renowned wildlife photographer and author David Plummer shares his secrets in this new course aimed at teaching you the field craft required to get closer to wildlife while respecting and not disturbing the wildlife itself.

Cost £45.00

07/11/2019    Improve Your Birdwatching - Duck ID    1 Day

Abbotts Hall Farm, near Colchester, Essex Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01621 862960

A mixture of theory and practical aimed at improving your Duck ID skills.

Cost £unknown

10/11/2019    Introduction to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation    1 Day

Highbridge, Secret World. Contact: 01278 783250

Please visit our website for more information

Cost £60.00

24/11/2019    Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release    1 Day

Highbridge, Secret World. Contact: 01278 783250

Please visit our website for more information

Cost £60.00

December 2019

06/12/2019    The birds and insects of Gowy Meadows    1 Day

Holly Bank House, Thornton-Le-Moors, Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01948 820728

Hear how wildlife changes across the seasons at Gowy Meadows, with site recorder Steve Holmes

Cost £5.00

06/12/2019    Birds of Prey of the North Kent Marshes    1 Day

Tyland Barn, Kent Wildlife Trust . Contact: 01622 662012

Spend a day observing birds of prey. Learn how to identify different species and more about their characteristics, habitats and behaviour.

Cost £33.00

February 2020

08/02/2020    Wintering birds of Gowy Meadows    1 Day

Gowy Meadows, Thornton-le-Moors , Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01948 820728

Join local recorder Steve Holmes on a guided walk around Gowy Meadows, focussing on the wintering birds

Cost £10.00

May 2020

01/05/2020    Introduction to Bird Survey Techniques     1 Day

Exeter , Richard Green Ecology Ltd. Contact: 01395 239234

This classroom-based course covers when a bird survey may be required and provides an introduction to key skills, experience and knowledge necessary for undertaking a range of professional bird surveys in the UK.

Cost £unknown

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