Key to CJS Weekly Standard Linage

A key to help you understand and get the best use of CJS Weekly Standard Linage adverts.

Standard Free Linage

This is the form taken by adverts included in CJS Weekly free of charge  There are five standard headings, you'll find an aide memoir on page one of every edition.  The headings are:

JOB – the job title.

BE4 – the closing date of the vacancy.  Never apply after this date.  Exact details vary from post to post for some it's the date by which application packs must be requested, for others it's the date by which applications (CVs, forms etc.) should be returned.  Interview dates, where known, are also under this heading as IV.

LOC – the location of the vacancy.  Where the post is dealing with several sites it will be the central location / base.

PAY – the salary range in £sterling unless otherwise stated.  It's usually in per annum terms or pro rata for part time.  Benefits are also listed here.  For voluntary posts pay is 0 but do check the benefits listed as these can be quite extensive.

FOR – employer or lead partner in a co-operative / multi-partner project.

Main text: the description of the job including, where relevant, length of contract, hours per week etc.  It's the information about what you'll be doing and perhaps the ultimate aim of the project. Inlcudes the 'person spec' i.e. the skills, qualifications, experience and attributes you should possess.  Usually these are all essential but sometimes they're stated as desirable, advantageous or preferable – having some or all of these will give you an edge over other applicants.  It's useful to look at the 'extras' to see where there are gaps in your CV and try to fill them.

The majority of adverts include a web address and you may obtain more detailed information or apply online.  Remember please contact the employer and not CJS – all the information we have is right here in the advert.  It's good if you can mention that you saw the advert in CJS, this ensure advertisers send future ads to us and then you get to see them first.

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