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A weekly newsletter containing details of the latest events across the sector, vacancies, voluntary opportunities and training placements plus once a month a calendar of short professional courses and events.   CJS Weekly is the longest running and most widely known of our publications. This is the original CJS, established in July 1994 as a specialist newsletter for countryside ranger. In the following years both the range of advertised employment opportunities and scope of the newsletter increased markedly.   The countryside sector is broad and CJS tries to cover all areas for both news and jobs. You’ll find ecology and biodiversity, arboriculture, rights of way, wildlife and environmental education as well as the countryside ranger aspects you’d expect.


Each edition includes a round up of the industry news and important announcements.  With big stories  as well as the initial announcement CJS pulls together a range of responses from the main affected and interested organisations and a selection from some of the smaller, perhaps less well known, lower profile groups.  We include details of recently published scientific papers plus government publications and consultations.  Digital copies include clickable links to read articles in more depth and to download accompanying documentation. 


In addition to the news CJS Weekly carries feature stories and in depth articles written specifically for CJS Readers, some for special occasions like the Forestry Commission's 100th anniversary in 2019, newly published information e.g. a report on the latest research into young people's experience of environmental volunteering, others are from our Featured Charity highlighting their work or new or small organisations introducing themselves.  Occasionally a piece that's been written by CJS staff for the blog will be included, e.g. for Assistance Dogs Week we collated information on how sites can help people with assistance dogs.


CJS Weekly averages 60 new paid UK vacancies each week many of which are not advertised anywhere else.  Posts advertised are based across the country, we also publish details of a few overseas posts sent direct from the employer. Other than countryside ranger posts in 2017 the majority of vacancies advertised in CJS were in arboriculture, ecology and biodiversity and environmental education.  Horticulture was a recent inclusion but now forms a sizeable proportion of advertised vacancies, 6% in 2017.  Paid traineeships and intern roles are also increasing in number (6% of total in 2017) and these provide an excellent foothold at the start of your career.  Other sectors covered include rights of way, community projects, visitor management, wildlife work and animal care, outdoor activity instructor type roles and working with volunteers and trainees.  Digital copies include links to the full advert for any vacancy posted on our online pages and all adverts have clickable hyperlinks direct to web and email addresses.

Breakdown of last month's job numbers here.

Read more on the types of jobs advertised.


Volunteers provide vital support to many charities and projects, volunteering is a good way to gain valuable experience as well as ‘putting something back’.  CJS includes the same details for voluntary posts as for paid positions and across the same range both geographically and types of role.


Gaining specialist skills and keeping your certification up to date is an important aspect of most careers and the countryside sector is no different.  CJS has an extensive directory of short courses, usually running at around 900 to 1,000 at any one time.  Although these are all available online once a month a selection are included in CJS Weekly.  For example the third edition in January will have the full calendar of professional courses and events occurring in March.  Each weekly edition has information on any courses listed after the calendar was printed and also details of the latest additions to all sections of the online directory including providers and longer courses.   


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Autumn 2017 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey.

100% of readers were very highly or highly satisfied with CJS.

96% of readers were very highly or highly satisfied with the jobs content of CJS Weekly.

95% of readers thought CJS was very good or good value for money.

85% of readers were very highly or highly satisfied with the news coverage in CJS Weekly.

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85% of readers were very highly or highly satisfied with the information on voluntary and unpaid placements published in CJS Weekly

100% of readers already have or would recommend CJS to a friend or colleague.

Our readers say:

  •  An excellent publication to find jobs, training and volunteer opportunities and VERY important for keeping up to date if out of work!
  • My career would be completely different without CJS - Thank you!!
  • Very useful to all our staff, thanks for a consistent and reliable service.
  • Thank you for providing this service - helpful, good value summary of current vacancies without trawling websites!
  • Used by everyone I know in the industry.
  •  The Countryside Jobs Service aggregates an impressive range of information on jobs, training opportunities and news relating to countryside management and conservation. With flexible and convenient options for delivery, the CJS is a very valuable addition to our Careers and Employability Service.
  • Essential to helping you understand the wealth of opportunities and training out there in the sector - an invaluable resource.
  • The most useful source of up to date vacancies in, and news about the countryside sector.
  • CJS is the best thing since organic GM-free, Soil Association approved wholegrained sliced bread!

Typical advertisers include: Government Agencies such as Forestry Commission, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, 
National Park Authorities, also many City and County Councils. Charities including, TCV, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Game and Wildlife Conservation, The National Trust, RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts.   We also carry many adverts for private, profit making companies such as ecological consultancies and land owners e.g. Anglia Water and United Utilities.

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