Citizen Science and Surveys: Plants

blue cornflower blooms in grassland (image: Alicja / pixabay)

Plants: plant disease observation, includes mycology plus moss & lichen, alien invaders


Opportunities to help with research either by carrying out fieldwork or by recording your sightings.
If you are interested in helping with any of the surveys detailed below please contact the website or person listed.

Survey Organisers: 50 word listings are free, submit your details here.

The Deadwood Survey

Community groups, schools, students, volunteers and nature enthusiasts are invited to complete a Scotland-wide deadwood survey to understand woodland health. Decaying and rotten trees, known as deadwood, are vital for woodland health. Spend time in your woodlands using our free resources to complete the survey.

Garden Wildflower Hunt:

a citizen science project set up by the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland with two aims: to help us find out more about the wild plants (“weeds”?) growing in our gardens; and to give people a way to improve their plant identification skills under lockdown.

Plant Alert

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland in collaboration with Coventry University has launched PlantAlert a survey tool to report ornamental plants that are growing out of control in gardens and might later escape into the countryside. For more information, to contribute records, and view results, please go to

Ethnoveterinary Medicine Project,

based at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, is researching current knowledge of the use of plants, either as medicines or feed, to treat animals (livestock or pets). If you have contributions, please send an email to

RiverLife's West Lothian Aspen search

The RiverLife team at Forth Rivers Trust invite you to take part in our aspen search across West Lothian. Feeding into aspen conservation and education, the project aims to record wild and planted aspen stands across West Lothian. To get involved and access resources get in touch.

Can you help us build an urban canopy cover map for Britain?

Trees for Cities, Brillianto and Forest Research are hosting a citizen science project to map out the canopy cover of Britain’s towns and cities. Help us build this canopy cover map for Britain by measuring the canopy cover in your local area.

The Great British Wildflower Hunt from Plantlife

Taking part in the GBWFH is a great way to enjoy flowers, whether you’re familiar with them or not. By letting Plantlife know what you’ve found, you’ll help our work to make sure that there are more flowers and that people can enjoy them.

Traditional Orchard Inventory

PTES produced the national inventory of England’s traditional orchards and are now doing the same in Wales. Help us to locate and survey traditional orchards in your area. No experience necessary, survey pack provided. Contact by email or 0207 498 4533 to request a survey pack

The National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS)

gathers data on the UK’s wild plants and habitats. Whether new to the world of wild flowers or an experienced botanist, if you are interested in joining thousands of volunteers nationwide to gather evidence of which plants are increasing or declining and the health of our habitats, visit

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