Citizen Science and Surveys: Herpetology

common toad (image: Kathy Buscher / pixabay)

Herpetology: toad patrol, reptile survey, breeding data


Opportunities to help with research either by carrying out fieldwork or by recording your sightings.
If you are interested in helping with any of the surveys detailed below please contact the website or person listed.

Survey Organisers: 50 word listings are free, submit your details here.

Have you seen an alpine newt in the UK?

Research conducted by University of Plymouth, Institute of Zoology (ZSL) and ARC Trust aims to better understand the impact and ecology of non-native newts in the UK, with a focus on alpine newts. Can you help us update our current dataset for alpine newt distribution across the UK? Read more on the website

Garden Dragon Watch

is ARC’s new online garden reptile and amphibian survey. Our gardens can be oases for reptiles and amphibians and that’s important when so many places that were once good for wildlife have disappeared. But just how many people are lucky enough to see frogs, toads, newts, lizards or snakes in their gardens? Find out at

Northamptonshire Amphibian and Reptile Group (Northants ARG)

A group for the study, appreciation, recording and conservation of Northamptonshire amphibian and reptile species. The group work closely with ARG UK and Back from the Brink to carry out reptile monitoring and habitat work across numerous sites. Join us! Contact Elizabeth on

Leicestershire and Rutland Amphibian and Reptile Network (L&R ARN)

A group for the study, appreciation, recording and conservation of Leicestershire and Rutland's amphibian and reptile species working closely with ARG UK. There is a dearth of recording of amphibian and reptile species in some districts. Our volunteer recorders are seeking to increase dots on the map, can you help? Contact Elizabeth on