Children's author Michael Morpurgo backs project bringing city children into nature and farming - The Woodland Trust

a birds eye view of a new roudel - a circular post rail fence on grassland with saplings adn tree stakes visible inside the enclosure
One of the new roundels ( Credit: Second Sight / WTML)

Children’s author Michael Morpurgo – known for penning books such as Birthday Duck and War Horse – is involved in a real life story of children, farming and nature on a farm in Devon.

The Woodland Trust is working with Farms for City Children, a charity founded by Michael and his wife, Clare, on a unique 'roundel' scheme - connecting city children with nature and farming.

These roundels are like little powerful pockets of nature – rather like stepping stones of biodiversity- that are dotted across a field. They are temporary enclosures containing trees and shrubs that will, in time, allow cattle access to forage and browse, whilst also finding shelter. Roundels are created around a central tree which will develop into a broad, open crowned feature of the farm over time, each with surrounding shrubs which will effectively create substantial ‘instant’ habitat in the space that the tree will eventually occupy in 75 to 100 years.

Each will be ‘adopted’, planted and cared for by a visiting school, and the hope is that the children will feel connected to a piece of natural habitat of their own making throughout their adult life and go on to inspire other children with their story.

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Posted On: 09/02/2024

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