Initiative to bring Purple Emperor to Derbyshire launches - Butterfly Conservation

purple emperor butterfly on green leaves
Purple Emperor (Iain H Leach)

Hundreds of trees are being planted in South Derbyshire as part of a groundbreaking initiative to attract one of the UK’s most iconic butterflies to the region for the first time.

East Midlands Butterfly Conservation and South Derbyshire District Council have teamed up with the support of the National Forest Company to spearhead the project to welcome the iconic and magnificent Purple Emperor butterfly to local woodlands.

This large and magnificent butterfly dubbed ‘His Imperial Majesty’ has been slowly moving through the UK, colonising some woodland in adjoining counties. The new initiative aims to establish the species in Derbyshire and help its northward route.

The Council and East Midlands Butterfly Conservation have funded the purchase of 550 two-year old specially selected Goat Willow trees. These trees (also known as Sallow ‘whips’) are viewed as a perfect habitat for the species to thrive and become established.

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Posted On: 08/12/2023

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