Scotland's second Dementia Friendly Environment accreditation awarded to Perthshire park - Paths for All

MacRosty Park in Crieff has been granted dementia friendly status, marking it as only the second park in Scotland to be given Dementia Friendly Environments accreditation, after Kings Park in Stirling,

Thursday, 23rd November - it's a crisp but gloriously beautiful autumn day. It's a little chilly but there's no wind and the morning sun is casting alluring rays of light through the trees surrounding an ornate bandstand, which is the centrepiece of MacRosty Park.

Situated in the west of the Perthshire town of Crieff, this local park has been a popular destination for residents, families and visitors for over 100 years and remains a haven for wildlife and biodiversity.

A newly awarded Dementia Friendly Environments accreditation comes after a series of improvements were made to the park to make it more inclusive for people living with dementia.

Enhancements included a new accessible map located at all entry and exit points which now provide more information to better inform visitors of the layout and facilities within the park.

Corresponding coloured waymarkers now offer increased navigation, including how to return to the car park. Dementia friendly signage has been installed within the toilet block and café, as well as a contrasting toilet seat.

All benches, many of them commemorative, have been completely refurbished in an ambitious undertaking to restore them all, and a series of new picnic benches have been installed. Pathways throughout the park have been cleared of debris and the edges more clearly defined and new and improved water safety signs have been fitted.

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Posted On: 28/11/2023

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