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Wilder Blean wins BIG Biodiversity Challenge Innovation Award - Kent Wildlife Trust

A bison walking in to a fenced area from a green pen door with two people opening the doors
(Robert Canis)

Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust wins the Innovation award for the BIG Biodiversity Challenge.

Our bison, incredible ecosystem engineers, have earned us the prestigious BIG Biodiversity Challenge Innovation Award.

Kent Wildlife Trust & Wildwood Trust stood tall amongst an incredible selection of finalists for this year's challenge, with more than 60 entries across 10 awards categories.

The awards ceremony was held at the world famous Kew Royal Botanic Gardens and were thrilled to announce that The Wilder Blean Project emerged victorious as the winner of the Innovation Award.

The judges commended the project by commenting:

“We were impressed by the boldness of the project to enhance existing conifer woodland by using the power of nature and ecosystem engineers, aka European bison, to deliver landscape-scale and long-term enhancement in woodland management. This approach avoids using heavy machinery and thousands of man hours by tapping into a nature-based solution. The judges particularly liked the project's focus on making this method replicable, by identifying ways to simplify the process for future projects.”

Now in its tenth year, the BIG Biodiversity Challenge is the leading industry initiative for raising awareness of and delivering biodiversity within construction and the built environment. We’re delighted to see ecosystem engineers like bison being recognised at the forefront of construction innovation as a pioneering Nature-based Solution to restore woodland ecosystems and boost biodiversity.

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Posted On: 20/11/2023

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