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We’re really proud to be working in partnership with the RSPB to protect the birds, bees and bugs so we can play a part in safeguarding our biodiversity and our food supply for future generations.

(image: Ella’s Kitchen)
(image: Ella’s Kitchen)

Through our partnership, we will be working to deliver on an ambitious “30 by 30” wildflower target, which will see us working to protect + restore an area totalling 30 million square feet of nature-rich wildflower and grassland meadows by 2030.

As part of the partnership, the RSPB will be sharing its knowledge, expertise and networks so we can learn how to further embed nature throughout our business. We will also use the RSPB’s resources to support parents + carers and their little ones, to connect with nature and help protect wildlife across the UK.

This is all part of our Big Pledge to Little People, to drive real action to restore, rewild + protect the planet for future generations.

protecting the birds, bees and bugs!

The birds, bees and bugs are super important for the health of our planet.

In fact, bees, butterflies and other buzzing insects are crucial to food security, contributing to the production of a third of the food we eat, including yummy fruit and veggies. But the UK has lost almost half of its biodiversity since the 1930s, including 97% of wildflower meadows - equivalent to an area larger than the size of Wales.

Without urgent action, little ones born today could face a vastly different world by the time they grow up. Put simply - no nature, no food.

why wildflowers?

Wildflower meadows and grasslands are super important homes for all kinds of wildlife, from beautiful butterflies to buzzing bees.

Meadows and grasslands, filled with colourful flowers, also help protect the environment against the impacts of climate change by storing carbon, improving water quality, and acting as flood defence. They also provide homes to an abundant food supply for birds + many other animals.

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Posted On: 16/08/2023

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