A backwards step for the UK in fighting the climate and nature crisis - nature campaigners hit out at plans to drop retained EU laws for protecting the environment - Wildlife and Countryside Link

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, laid in Parliament today, poses a major risk to nature, people and the economy. Nature charities have today (22 September) issued the warning that ditching or rewriting retained EU laws on environmental protection could remove safeguards for the UK’s treasured wildlife and lead to the country taking a backwards step in restoring nature and curbing the climate crisis.
Dr Richard Benwell, CEO of Wildlife and Countryside Link, said: “Hundreds of environmental laws are at stake, including rules that protect wildlife, prevent harmful pollution, and create a level-playing field for green businesses. Simply scrapping the body of EU-retained environmental law would be legal and environmental folly. Spending time rewriting the rules would be a waste of time and public money. Meddling with bedrock environmental laws like the Habitats Regulations will create doubt, uncertainty and instability for businesses at a time when they need stability the most. It would also jeopardise the Government’s central green promises of hitting net zero and halting the decline of nature by 2030. The Government has talked the talk on the international stage about restoring nature and curbing climate change. If it weakens protection for nature at home the Government could set back global green efforts as well as harming nature at home. With crucial nature talks being held in Montreal later this year the UK needs to be leading the way for nature.”

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Posted On: 22/09/2022

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