WWT Washington achieves ‘TOP 10’ status for common tern populations in the UK - BIAZA

common tern in flight. streamlined white bird with grey backed wings raised in mid flap, black cap and bright red bill, over out of focus water and greenry
Common term (image: pixabay)

Washington Wetland Centre has been named the ninth most important place in the UK for populations of amber-listed common tern by a Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) data report from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

Common tern are a key summer wildlife spectacle for many visitors to the 42-hectare site, with noisy up-close encounters and aerobatic performances easily viewed from the hides at Wader Lake, as they nest, breed and raise their young.

These agile seabirds breed in large colonies, nesting on the ground on pebbled shores and islands. WWT Washington’s main lake has several shingle islands covered with the perfect pea gravel habitat for them to nest and thrive.

The data report also highlighted several other key bird species at Washington Wetland Centre, where populations have ranked well in the UK, including grey heron (15th), avocet (37th) and red-listed curlew (47th).

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Posted On: 19/08/2022

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