NEW REPORT: Supporting community action will help us level up and tackle the climate and nature emergencies – here’s how - Groundwork

A new report by community charity Groundwork sets out what works in helping to empower communities to take action on poverty and the environment – something that will be vital if we’re going to deliver promises to level up and make a ‘just transition’ to net zero.

The ‘From the Ground Up: empowering communities through environmental action’ report is being published in Groundwork’s 40th year of operations – and demonstrates the benefits of tackling poverty and environmental issues through community-centred approaches.

The report sets out five key ingredients for successful community projects as well as evidencing the wider benefits this approach can bring to address health and social inequalities, supporting a just transition to a low carbon economy and ultimately levelling up the country:

Insight from the report includes examples of good practice and models of working to show the variety of ways in which community empowerment can be achieved through nurturing social and environmental infrastructure.

@TheGrange is a community centre located in Grange Park in Blackpool that hosts a thriving community garden as well as shops, a café, and flexible community space. The centre also acts as a hub for local services to provide additional support to the local community. Local people are involved in deciding what goes on there through the Friends of Group and many volunteering activities.

Cath Powell, Development Manager @TheGrange, said: “The benefits of having a hub with different groups and organisations is that it becomes a more well-rounded facility that can cater to, and engage with, a wider range of what is going on in the community. Somebody may come in who has a housing need and we’re lucky because the housing offices are on-site and together we can sit down and work out a package of measures for that person and try to get them a safe space. So, we work together on that and having those partners in the building is amazing.”

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Posted On: 28/07/2022

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