RSPB reaction to The Crown Estate Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4 -

RSPB Response: Katie-Jo Luxton, the RSPB’s director for conservation said: “The UK is home to globally important seabird colonies, but of the 25 seabird species that raise their young here 24 are Red or Amber listed in the latest Birds of Conservation Concern report. Around the UK we have lost over 2 million seabirds in just three decades. These declines are continuing, the Government’s own figures show over 4,000 kittiwakes are predicted to be killed or displaced every year due to poorly planned offshore wind developments. This is not sustainable for a Red List species already pushed to the brink of extinction. The precarious state of our seabirds means that we do not have the luxury of making mistakes today that will have a catastrophic impact for years and decades to come."

Read the full response here (PDF)

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Posted On: 22/04/2022

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