An otterly wonderful way to end the week

Surprise for visitors at Hauxley nature reserve - Northumberland Wildlife Trust

head and shoulders of an otter visible above the surface of brown water
Otter in the lake at Hauxley (image: Amanda Fall)

Visitors to Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley nature reserve this week have been having an otterly wonderful time.

In addition to the woodland walks, great views and array of visiting birds on the site, customers in The Lookout Café have been regularly entertained by an otter, which took up residence in the lake outside café’s large window.

Otters are no stranger to the reserve and have been spotted from time to time, but this particular one is totally unfazed by humans, making regular appearances all week and building up quite a following amongst visitors who have been returning to the reserve to try to catch another glimpse.

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Posted On: 25/02/2022

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