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Curlew standing in water (Joshua Cotten on Unsplash)
(Joshua Cotten on Unsplash)

A multi-partner supported recovery plan to reverse the decline of curlew from Welsh landscapes is being launched on Monday, 22 November.

The Wales Action Plan for the Recovery of Curlew is written and led by Gylfinir Cymru / Curlew Wales, a broad partnership working with Welsh Government to address the chronic decline in population and geographic distribution of this iconic bird.

Patrick Lindley, Chair of Gylfinir Cymru, said: “Wales’ breeding curlews are in significant decline and if we fail to act now this species could be on the brink of extinction by 2033. Like much of the rest of the UK and Europe, we are facing a climate emergency and a nature crisis, and the loss of breeding curlew is considered by many to the most pressing bird conservation priority in Wales. The loss of biodiversity is far-reaching, complex, and challenging, but it is considered by many that the loss of breeding curlew from Welsh landscapes will be a loss of biodiversity too far. Gylfinir Cymru’s aim is to halt and if possible, reverse this decline by the implementation of this ten-year action plan. Working closely in collaboration with Welsh Government, environmental non-government organisations, farming unions, academia and individuals this 10-year curlew action plan meets this challenge by setting the strategic direction of closely aligned actions to deliver tangible gains for Wales’ remaining breeding curlews “

The Action Plan sets out a 10-year programme to conserve breeding curlews and to stabilise the decline in breeding curlews in Wales.

To do this the plan will address four main themes:

Mark Isherwood MS is the Wales Species Curlew Champion, he said: ‘Since becoming Wales Species Champion for the Curlew in 2016, I have learned much about the perilous predicament of the Curlew, both as an individual species and as an ecological umbrella or indicator species.”

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Posted On: 23/11/2021

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