Rewriting Extinction Launches 12-Month Campaign to Save the World - The Wildlife Trusts

Launched by Cara Delevingne actor and model on June 15th 2021, Rewriting Extinction is a global movement founded by Paul Goodenough Emmy nominated Producer and Writer to save as many species from extinction as possible.

Bringing together 300 contributors and seven major charities from every corner of the world, the story writing campaign is supported by numerous big names, among them Jane Goodall, Luisa Neubauer, Ricky Gervais, Taika Waititi, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, along with famous writers and comic illustrators such as Robert Kirkman, Chris McCoy and Alan Moore.

Paul Goodenough, founder, summarized the essence of the project, “We are uniting the most important environmental voices on the planet: from indigenous people to activists, from storytellers to celebrities, and helping them collaborate to craft moving comic stories that give people hope and direction in the fight for our planet. Through these stories, we'll raise the money and awareness we need to save as many species from extinction as humanly possible.”

Throughout the 12-month campaign, online comic stories will be released in addition to a printed anthology published by DK Publishing, with the mission of raising funds for the following charities: The Wildlife Trusts, Greenpeace, Born Free, Reserva YLT, Re:wild, Rewilding Europe, World Land Trust. By achieving the Donation Milestones collected on the website, each of the organizations will bring to life a set of projects that help provide a permanent solution to save specific species around the world. Projects include purchasing hectares of rainforests to protect the flora and fauna living there, actions taken to protect our oceans, rewilding territories, preventing poaching and ecocide. Through educating and empowering the public to share the causes, change their lifestyles, sign petitions and donate, this is one of the most comprehensive and powerful environmental campaigns to date.

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