And a damning report to close the news:

The watchdog that lost its bite - Salmon & Trout Conservation

Salmon & Trout Conservation reports on the Environment Agency as it turns twenty-five years old

Report concludes that Agency is failing to protect rivers, not monitoring, inspecting or prosecuting enough, with its hands tied by central Government

Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC) has today published “Doing its job?”, a report on the state of the Environment Agency and its role in protecting English rivers, lakes and streams.

The Report shows that:

Nick Measham, Chief Executive of S&TC said: “The Environment Agency turned 25 years old this month but our rivers will not be celebrating. Despite a quarter of a century of its oversight, the freshwater aquatic environment is still heavily polluted, fragmented and we face a biodiversity crisis with many freshwater species in steep decline or, in the case of the Atlantic salmon, at risk of extinction. We are at a point when business as usual is no longer an option if we are to reverse wilful river damage and habitat destruction”.

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Posted On: 26/04/2021

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