Scientists lay out 10 golden rules for restoring forests - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Tree planting is often portrayed as an easy answer to the climate crisis, but a new review led by RBG Kew and BGCI highlights the issues with large-scale tree planting

Scientists have devised ten golden rules for reforestation around ‘right tree, right place’ principles, to maximise benefits for people and the planet

The research is launched ahead of Kew’s first virtual global conference on reforestation, on 24-26 February 2021 convening voices on all sides of this topic from the business, science, policy, horticulture and environmental sectors

Scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (RBG Kew) and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) have set out ten ‘golden rules’ for reforestation, published today in an open-access article in the leading journal Global Change Biology. These rules have been set by the experts in response to the damage some large-scale tree planting schemes are seen to be inflicting on the environment and to provide nature-based solutions to protect and restore global forests. The list highlights how forests can be restored with the simultaneous triple benefit of maximising carbon capture to mitigate global warming, recovering ecosystems, and helping people’s livelihoods.

Dr Kate Hardwick, Conservation Partnership Coordinator at RBG Kew and a lead author of the paper says: “Tree planting now dominates political and popular agendas and is often presented as an easy answer to the climate crisis, as well as a way for corporate companies to mitigate their carbon emissions, but sadly, it isn’t as simple as that. When people plant the wrong trees in the wrong place, it can cause considerably more damage than benefits, failing to help people or nature. Our paper sets out to look at these issues and create a framework for people, businesses and policymakers to use for future reforestation projects that can aid both people and the environment.”

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Posted On: 26/01/2021

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