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Government U-turn on promises to end badger culling - The Wildlife Trusts

Largest ever cull authorised this autumn – bringing the total shot to 35% of UK’s badger population

The Wildlife Trusts are aghast that more than 70,000 healthy badgers will be shot this autumn in the government’s largest ever seasonal cull.

The move comes despite the government’s promise just six months ago to support badger vaccination and move away from shooting this protected species.

The cull will result in the deaths of badgers which have been vaccinated by volunteers in government-funded programmes.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust leads the country’s most extensive vaccination programme — Derbyshire is one of 6 new areas where culling has never previously taken place under government licences.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s CEO, Dr Jo Smith, says: “This is a staggering government U-turn and one which will result in thousands of healthy badgers being shot across England this autumn. In March — following a review by Professor Godfray — the government promised to move away from lethal control. However, after seven years of badger culling, the government has failed to act on its own advice and is expanding its culling programme into new regions including Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire into what will be the biggest cull yet.”

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